Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Suspicious Package Sent to Tory Party Headquarters

A box containing a human foot was sent to Tory party headquarters in Ottawa:

The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that a suspicious package delivered to the Conservative Party of Canada's headquarters in Ottawa appears to be a human foot.

Reports note that more than a dozen emergency vehicles and the haz-mat team arrived to investigate the package left at 130 Albert St after the package was only partially opened by a receptionist before being deemed suspicious.

There are also reports that at least one Conservative staffer felt nauseous in the office.

Two men in white jumpsuits and masks were seen exiting the building around 1:45 p.m. pushing a large barrel.

Both the Tories and the police are refusing to confirm the box's contents.

"A suspicious package was sent to our office," Conservative Party spokesman Fred DeLorey told the Globe and Mail.

"The Ottawa police are investigating.  All questions should be referred to them."

More to come.

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