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Is this the same party of "Rae Days" and "churches helping the poor - sexual licenseun-Canadian"?

You can't really blame them but the New Democrats are clearly milking all of these Senate shenanigans.
It's at the top of their agenda everyday in Question Period and, on Wednesday, leader Thomas Mulcair called on the RCMP to look into the spending controversies.

Well now, her majesty's loyal opposition have launched a new website called the 'Senate Hall of Shame.

One must question how this party not only stayed relevant but became the official opposition for the Tories.

Would anyone want someone like Thomas Muclair defining what a Canadian is or what his values should be?

Related: give Kathleen Wynne the boot.

It just occurred to someone to ask this now?

“Garneau said he has made his leadership vision clear and has outlined his plan on the knowledge economy, trade, telecommunications, Western Canada, electoral reform, and student debt and youth employment. He added he will continue to do so for the duration of the campaign.
“This is not the case with Justin. He has told Canadians that we need a “bold” plan and a “clear vision” without defining either. On Justin’s two clear priorities, the middle class and youth engagement, he has said nothing,” said Garneau. “Therein lies the fundamental difference between Justin Trudeau and myself.”


Although Trudeau was not obligated to say how much money he earned, records voluntarily provided to the Citizen by his campaign show he supplemented his MP’s salary with a total of $277,000 in speaking fees in the four years after he was first elected.

So much for "superior" Canada's gun laws:

Surely with such lax gun-control laws, our murder rate must be much higher than our Canadian counterparts’ rate. But this is not the case: I was surprised to find that not only Nunavut (21.01) and the Northwest Territories (6.87) in Canada had much higher murder rates then Idaho, but even Nova Scotia (2.33), Manitoba (4.24), Saskatchewan (3.59), and Alberta (2.88) had higher murder rates.  (Okay, Nova Scotia is just a teensy-weensy bit higher than Idaho for 2011.)
"This is my boomstick!"

Oh, this ought to be good:

Two young Afghan-Canadian women who helped disrupt Remembrance day services last November say they want to launch a defamation suit against Sun News. The presumptive grounds is their claim they were libeled when referred to as "Taliban supporters" "Islamists" and "Jihadists." ...

There's a priceless humor in the irony of the blatant hypocrisy of two women who refer to Afghanistan as their home condemning Canada as a settler colonial society on stolen land and then bitching about people who tell them to "go home". Unfortunately for the duo, understanding that appears to be beyond their cognitive abilities. If they actually believe the idiocy they propound, what are they doing here settling, occupying and stealing land from its rightful owners? If, as they have repeated, Afghanistan is their "home country," shouldn't they stop being occupiers, pack up, and go to a Taliban-occupied part of Afghanistan to experience what Afghan self-determination would actually be like if they got their wish for a NATO withdrawal?

Don't forget to write a letter to the CRTC regarding Sun News' fair request to have the same rights of inclusion as CTV and CBC in cable packages.

Thank you.

Lars Hedegaard was nearly killed. Where is the left on this?

Wrap your head around this:

The way North Korea sees it, only bigger weapons and more threatening provocations will force Washington to come to the table to discuss what Pyongyang says it really wants: peace. [....]

North Korea has long cited the U.S. military presence on the Korean Peninsula, and what it considers a nuclear umbrella in the region, as the main reason behind its need for nuclear weapons. North Korea and the U.S. fought on opposite sides of the bitter, three-year Korean War. That conflict ended in a truce in 1953, and left the peninsula divided by heavily fortified buffer zone manned by the U.S.-led U.N. Command.

The same country that brutalises and starves its people, has attacked its southern cousins and threatened Japan just wants peace?


Because we're right and prettier than you:

Wow. Author Joyce Carol Oates recently grossly played the race card, after wishing that NRA members get shot. Now she is turning her hate-filled rantings on Catholics. Are you Catholic? Well, you must be out of your mind, according to Ms. Oates.

And now, some tastefully tasty cakes. Enjoy.

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