Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Post

A pleasant say hay boke-mahn he pah du say oh to y'all.

Many happy returns.

Something one did not expect: His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, will resign at the end of February. A new successor of Saint Peter will be chosen by Easter.

And for all the wags out there: how it must burn you that the Pope- whoever he may be- will always be more important than you. Do pile on with your pointless attacks and vulgarities. He was chosen and right and so will the next one be. 

Moving on...

The following need some prayers, good wishes and a helping paw. Do so if you can. You're good people. Thank you. 

Just in:

North Korea appeared to have conducted its third underground nuclear bomb test Tuesday, as the U.S. Geological Survey reported a seismic disturbance centered near the site of the secretive regime's two previous nuclear tests.

The area around the reported epicenter of the magnitude 4.9 disturbance has little or no history of earthquakes or natural seismic hazards, according to U.S. Geological Survey maps. The disturbance took place at a depth of about 1 kilometer, the USGS said.

When you run out of your own children, you use someone else's:

International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that 19 children, who were to be sold to fundamentalist Islamic boarding schools (madrassas), have been rescued. Traffickers lied to the children’s parents, saying they would take the children to Christian boarding schools in Dhaka, when in fact, they were intending to sell the children to various madrassas. Students from Dhaka University discovered the children and rescued them. This is not the first instance of Christian children being trafficked to madrassas, as upwards of 150 children have been rescued from similar situations since July 2012. ...

This is not the first instance of traffickers targeting low-income, Christian families due to their faith and vulnerability. This year alone, 55 children have been rescued from madrassas in Dhaka. On Jan. 2, police rescued 21 children from five madrassas and “other Islamic organizations.” ICC sources say that these children were forcibly converted to Islam and had their Christian names legally changed to Muslim ones. They believe the children, once fully brainwashed at the madrassa, were “destined for suicide squads” for use in jihad.


And now, the freedom of the press index. I don't think York University is on it. Canada rates 20 out of 179. Apparently, Eritrea is worse than North Korea. Hhmm....


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