Monday, February 25, 2013

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There was some kind of awards show on last night wherein Imelda Marcos Michelle Obama (whose extravagant lifestyle makes one confuse her with another first lady) thought she was important enough to announce the winner of Best Picture. It will be a fond memory for the First Lady when her husband is ousted and she cannot decide which shoes to take.

Related: oh, NOW you remember to thank the Canadians and it wouldn't be the first time an Onion staffer attacked a child.

Moving on...

No details available in the Muslim-trumps-gay paradigm:

Months after a Toronto woman filed a human rights complaint against a Muslim barber who would not give her a haircut, the issue has been quietly resolved.

During a closed-door mediation session Friday, Faith McGregor and barbershop owner Omar Mahrouk came to an “arrangement” that satisfied them both, thus putting the controversial complaint to rest.

Ms. McGregor filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal last June after she entered Terminal Barbershop on a whim and was denied a haircut because it is against the barbers’ religion to touch a woman.

Both Ms. McGregor and Mr. Mahrouk signed a confidentiality agreement that bars them from sharing any details — common practice when a conflict ends in mediation instead of moving on to an actual tribunal. But both expressed relief in the process.

Where are the details? Are we not paying for this? Why should private business owners be forced to kowtow to professional grievance-mongers? Faith McGregor put Omar Mahrouk through the proverbial wringer because human rights commissions allow such petty and insignificant vendettas to carry on. I don't care what his reason was for not cutting his her hair. There is no human right to a haircut nor is there a dearth of places he she can go. This farce is as stupid as gallicizing the word pasta or- God forbid- kimchi.

Related: just get rid of Section 13 already.

A real leader would debate anyone, any time, anywhere, not ducking out on a fellow candidate or a news reporter:

Liberal leadership hopeful and former astronaut Marc Garneau is challenging Justin Trudeau to a one-on-one debate in a bid to bring the frontrunner back down to Earth in the polls.

Garneau argues Trudeau has not been significantly challenged and if the heir apparent to the Liberal crown can’t defend his ideas in a debate against him, he wouldn’t be able to do so against Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

“The leadership of the Liberal Party is too important a position to hand to an untested candidate hiding behind a carefully crafted public relations campaign,” Garneau told reporters Monday morning. ...

Trudeau responded cryptically on Twitter, seeming to suggest that he would not disrespect the other seven candidates by having a one-on-one with Garneau.

There's leader material for you. To think: if this yahoo ever became the Prime Minister of Canada, he would transmit anything to Russia and safeguard his paycheque just like a certain Kenyan dictator who shall remain nameless for the moment.

Park Geun-Hye is now officially the president of South Korea:

President Park Geun-hye was sworn into office on Monday pledging to stimulate the country's flagging economy and warning North Korea that it will end up the "biggest victim" of its nuclear ambitions.

"I will do my utmost to build a Republic of Korea that is prosperous and where happiness is felt by all the people," Park told a huge crowd in front of the National Assembly. "As president... I will live up to the will of the people by achieving economic rejuvenation, the happiness of the people, and the flourishing of our culture."

She said the president is responsible for government but the public decides on the fate of the nation and called on citizens to join hands to pursue "communal interests." Park vowed to create a government that is free of corruption in order to win public trust.

I like the idea of giving a voice to the people but I won't hold my breath on the "free of corruption" thing.

Over at the Fur: Chief Double Dipping Double Chin makes herself look more ridiculous by appealing to the toothless yet tyrant-friendly UN, Islamist Boko Haram claims to be holding French children hostage, I assume communism's bad reputation stems from the enormous human rights abuses and the fact that it is as workable an economic and political system as a hamster is a serviceable pack animal, Afghan child abuse seems to have escaped the notice of the chattering classes, and credit where credit is due.

Come for the political commentary, stay for the pie!

And now, a fisherman rescues a dog from a block of ice.

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