Friday, February 22, 2013

The World Is Taking Crazy Pills (Pt. 12)

Because the world is a crazy place....

That's because pasta is Italian, you idiots:

Quebec's language watchdog is retreating from a battle against an Italian restaurant over the number of Italian words in their menu.

Those tricky Italians. Always trying to slip their language into things. Like Italian restaurant menus.

CBC News reports that Buonanotte, a high-end Montreal restaurant, was contacted by the Office Quebecois de la Langue Francaise (OQLF) because it was using too many words like "pasta" and "meatball."

Sorry. Les idiotes.

Except when Netanyahu does it, he's not a sanctimonious, paranoid, obsessive-compulsive Kool-Aid drinker pining for an incompetent murderer who thinks that $1,000 USD an hour golf lessons are appropriate during the economic Grecification of the United States:

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's drink of water in the middle of his televised response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address earlier this month truly is "the sip heard 'round the world."

At a meeting Wednesday in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held up a water bottle and toasted the Florida Republican after Rubio told him the story.

“It was totally spontaneous following their more formal photos in front of the U.S. and Israeli flags," a person who was in the room told Yahoo News. "Rubio was directed to his chair and then picked up his water, held it up and said, ‘Cheers!’ When he sat down he quickly told the story of how he raised a bunch of money by selling water bottles following his SOTU response. The prime minister did the toast with the water bottle, and Sen. Rubio laughingly played along.”

Oh look- someone who isn't a spiteful narcissist knows how to laugh at himself. Maybe the wags who obsess about how hydrated Rubio is can now focus on how soon their country will resemble Zimbabwe.

This can be resolved with a spring election:

The Fraser Institute report on public sector salaries released Wednesday comes as a big surprise to absolutely no one — unless you’re a private sector worker who’s been too busy trying to stay employed to study the minutia of the Sunshine List. ...

“Current data show that, for a person retiring today at age 55, their life expectancy is now 84. This means the numerous Sunshine List employees will each collect a pension of at least $2 million,” said Tufts, who co-authored Pension Ponzi, a book subtitled, “How public sector unions are bankrupting Canada’s health care, education and your retirement.”

Premier Kathleen Wynne said Wednesday her government is holding the line.

“We have been clear that constraints needed to be put in place on public sector wages and compensation packages. That’s why we’ve been working with our public sector partners and we have settled for 0% increases,” she said.

She is a Liberal. She will bleed Ontario dry.

I promised I would never again write about this raging moron and I'm not going to. I'm going to let this guy do it for me.

All I'm saying is that if the statue was of Our Lady of FATIMA, the problem would have solved itself:

Placing a statue of the Virgin Mary on a village street would not normally cause too much consternation in France but when a bust of Our Lady went up in Cogelin, a  village on the south coast, the residents were in uproar.

They were unhappy the mayor Jacques Sénéquier's choice of location was the street "Chemin de la Radasse", literally "way of the slut". 

Realising the gaffe, a repentant Sénéquier admitted having not paid attention to the name of the street when he gave his permission for the statue to be erected.

This guy should be cannon fodder:

Recep Cetin (22) admitted the charges of murdering Irish nationals Marian Graham and Kathy Dinsmore, both 53 and from Newry, Co Down, at the Fifth High Criminal Court in Izmir, Turkey. ...

Cetin complained he was being treated like "a Christian, an atheist or communist" in the trial. "I am a Muslim," he said.

But he added dramatically: "I am guilty and my guilt is a sufficient punishment for me."
Eyup Cetin told the court he was the victim of a conspiracy.

"I told reporters I have nothing to do with this incident. I am innocent, yet I am kept in prison."


Seriously, though, speaking on behalf of leftists everywhere (because we all think the same way, of course), I can assure that developing a an official government policy on religion and using to to prosecute faithful Christians" is way, way down there on our list. First we have to restore communism, establish the global caliphate, destroy banks and industries, teach your children Chinese, and impose the metric system on the U.S. little time, so much to destroy... 

(WARNING: stunted little freak ahead)

Fair enough. And I don't want your church anywhere near my government.

Not going to say anything. This guy sums up militant atheists in all their incarnations:

Fifty percent of Americans think atheists are a pain in the ass. Only half as many dislike Muslims, despite the national hobby of raining electric death on Muslims the world over. The reason for this disparity should be obvious: Modern public atheists are more annoying. While I know many pleasant Muslims, I can’t think of a single public representative of atheism who isn’t an obnoxious dung heap. ...

Consider the “A+ movement.” They call themselves “A+” because they’re self-regarding atheists “plus” some other stuff. The A+ “movement” was founded as a result of the debate around the Elevatordammerung, a cataclysm that ensued when a socially inept nerdling asked a cabbage-headed pinup girl for a cup of coffee while in an elevator. The resulting tumult eventually spawned the A+ schism with the part of the “atheist movement” who found this as silly as the rest of the world did.

The A+ sect is effectively a religion. They do not consider themselves to be such, but their superstitions saturate their lives in ways that put ultra-Orthodox Jews to shame. The A+ communion is fanatically Manichaean. They fervently believe that the world is evil and can only be purified by their efforts to bring the world to A+ holiness. ...

The A+ crowd is considered important by the credulous. It seems to me that they’re mostly interesting for being a pure strain, a seething petri dish of neurotic misery. It is of scientific interest to study this disease in its isolated form so vaccines and antitoxins can be developed. The pestilence embodied in the A+hole faith has already spread far and wide throughout Western Civilization. 

What emotional complex causes human beings to become wild-eyed totalitarian numskulls in the name of “sensitivity?” As with many religious beliefs, their ideas start with seething ressentiment. Unhappy people often blame others for their misery. Unworthy people come up with elaborate justifications for why it is everyone else’s fault. The old Christian formula of “the first shall be last, and the last shall be first” has been recycled in the guise of the “privilege” phlogiston. Their hurt feelings and oversensitive natures are now sacred relics among the faithful. It is status and power, at least among the faithful and chivalrous enablers, social goods otherwise denied to them due to fortune and poor choices in life. There are plenty of talentless, lazy dunderheads looking for a faith which accords them status for being malcontented slobs. 

@$$holes? That's putting it mildly. The perpetual victims and the ever-offended aren't just trademarks of the Islamists. They are also trademarks of the smug, the perpetually adolescent (by the way, if the thrust of any of your arguments is "LOL", "stop picking on me because I can't defend myself" and calling a disabled child an "it", it shouldn't be a surprise that everyone sees you as an intellectual lightweight and a social reject) and the inflated sense of self-importance (hi, Ashu Solo). Everyone is against them and only they are right.

That's what they think, anyway.

How awesome is this?

Star Trek: The Next Generation introduced us to the many technological marvels of a fictional 24th century, but a group of University of Illinois scientists has pulled one of those marvels — the Holodeck — one step closer to reality....

Well, it may lack the 'solid-holograms' of the Star Trek version, but the CAVE2 'hybrid reality environment', designed by Chicago's Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL), is probably the closest thing we have today to a real-life Holodeck.

(the following deserve thanks)


Anonymous said...

With regards to the Quebec/Italian restaurant thing, the owners might have been well-advised to move to another province, or the U.S., as so many non-francophone residents did in the late 1970s.

What is their PROBLEM with there being some use of Italian on the menu of an Italian restaurant? Are other restaurants going to be unable to use non-francophone terms like TACO, CHOW MEIN, SCHNITZEL? Every ethnic group, including francophone Quebecois, should be very, very tired of these people.

The monolinguism idiots have already destroyed the futures of countless young Quebecers. They're not taught English in school to find job opportunities outside the province & have limited job opportunities in the province itself because the language in which most business around the globe is conducted is NOT USED THERE.


Osumashi Kinyobe said...


Like it or not, English is the language of commerce. If the Quebecois wish to preserve their language and culture, they know what to do about it. There should no knots in the stomachs of business owners et al from these fascists.