Saturday, October 19, 2013

But Wait! There's More!

There always is....

So goes Caledonia, so goes Rexton:

The news director for Global News in New Brunswick says a news vehicle and camera were seized by five protesters in Rexton, N.B., Saturday and a reporter threatened.

Jim Haskins said journalist Laura Brown was at the site of an ongoing shale gas protest around noon when the protesters confronted another media outlet and seized a vehicle.

Haskins said Brown got into her vehicle and locked the door, but was threatened by the protesters.

"They knocked on the window and demanded that she get out of the vehicle and leave it," said Haskins. "At first she refused, but the situation she felt was unsafe and unstable so reluctantly she locked the vehicle, left and started walking away.

Brown was safe at an RCMP detachment later Saturday afternoon and was giving a statement to police.

The RCMP could not immediately be reached for comment.

Haskins, who is based in Halifax, said he was getting mixed messages from the scene about whether the vehicle would be returned.

"We're hopeful that we will have our property returned to us promptly, but at this point in time, I can't tell you when or if that's going to happen."

(Sidebar: it probably won't.)

I visited New Brunswick earlier this year. Lovely province. I was surprised to see anti-fracking signs. I imagine some people- mostly the corrupt welfare chiefs and bands- would like to freeze in the dark. Why argue with that?

Also: thugs hate ALL persons of the media:

Sun News Network reporter Kris Sims was shaken up after a confrontation with Native protesters at a shale gas exploration site in New Brunswick Saturday.

Sims says she, Global News reporter Laura Brown and two CTV satellite truck operators were threatened by "warriors" when they arrived at an anti-fracking highway blockade near Rexton where six cruisers were set on fire Thursday.

Sims said they were recording footage of the burned cop cars when protesters in two cars pulled up and told them to leave.

She says someone shouted, "Get the f--- out of here or I'll break your f---ing cameras! All you tell are lies!"

The CTV truck operators scrambled to take down their equipment and the three journalists got into their respective vehicles, she says.

Sims says someone demanded she get out of her car but she refused.

When she was asked who she worked for, Sims rolled down her window and identified herself as a reporter.

Sims says she asked to speak with the person who appeared to be the group leader and begged him to let her leave.

After being let through, she says she picked up the Global and CTV reporters and headed to a nearby RCMP station.

In a tweet sent from the station, Brown said: "Making a statement - to be clear, it was only about 5 people - They should not blanket the rest of those inv(olved). w/shale gas movement."

Some people are quicker to fold than others, right, Laura Brown?

Very vaguely related: what happens when the gravy train stops for seventy-two hours.


Guess what goes up November 1st?

The governing Liberals’ politically motivated interference in the energy sector is hurting ratepayers who are trying to conserve electricity, Ontario’s opposition parties said Friday.

Electricity rates during off-peak hours are slated to increase more than the peak rates starting Nov. 1, according to the Ontario Energy Board.

The price for off-peak power will rise by 7.5 per cent for a kilowatt hour, while peak hour rates will rise by four per cent, it said.

But off-peak prices will still be lower at 7.2 cents a kilowatt hour, compared to 10.9 cents for mid-peak and 12.9 cents for peak usage.

That will add three per cent — about $4 — to the average monthly household bill, the board said.

Don't forget to thank Liberal voters for letting in McGuinty, Wynne and soon Trudeau and some groupie from the US.

Truer justice would be that he and his family were stripped naked and sent by raft to whatever Islamic craphole they wanted or at least chained to a rock in Baffin Island during winter but one can take this as a win:

Omar Khadr is staying put in the Edmonton Max.

Court of Queen's Bench Associate Chief Justice John Rooke on Friday denied the former Guantanamo Bay detainee's application to be transferred to a provincial medium-security jail.

"This is the result that would follow, not only for any Canadian who offends outside Canada and is transferred to Canada, but also to those who are similarly sentenced within Canada," Rooke said in his 14-page decision.

The judge stressed his ruling had nothing to do with Khadr's background, other than the fact he is a Canadian, nor his age, the circumstances of his pre-transfer detention or which facility would be better or worse for him.

And now, do you know your Chekovs?

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