Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mid-Week Post

Fourteen days until Halloween...

I'll believe it when I see it and shut up, Justin:

The federal government is vowing to introduce new legislation that would mandate a return to balanced budgets in times of economic crisis.

The measure was introduced in the Speech from the Throne, which Gov.-Gen. David Johnston read to a packed Senate chamber that included Members of Parliament, senators, lawmakers and other dignitaries.

As expected, the government’s agenda for the next Parliamentary session included promises to help Canadian consumers with their bills, as well as law-and-order measures such as a crack-down on repeat offenders. ...

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said Canadians want help with their debts, employment and paying for their children’s education and “this government simply hasn’t addressed any of those.”

(Sidebar: it's not like you have any ideas, Mr. I'll-Have-My-Policies-Ready-In-Like-2015 and then parachutes useless chicks from the US into your party)

Related: bomb scare at the Prime Minister's office.

Gee, why would Ontario be a have-not province?

According to data provided to the CTF by the Ontario Public Service (OPS), the average Ontario government employee took 10.5 sick days in the calendar year of 2012; According to Statistics Canada, private sector employees took only 5.8 sick days.

Shutdown over?

I'd let Obama own this mess but I guess those without vertebrae want to.

Earthquakes in Papua-New Guinea and the Philippines. A typhoon in Japan.

Mother Nature hates us.

And now, a horror movie that makes perfect sense.


Anonymous said...

"I'd let Obama own this mess..."

Isn't this a way to do that? Provide very visible resistance, and then when it looks like you can't hold out any longer due to pressures both politics and public, let the idiot have his way.

How can you possibly pass the buck and say that if this fails, this was the GOPs fault if they "folded?"

~Your Brother~

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Obama still blames Bush for things. He's a blamer and a loser.

The Republicans have let themselves down. It's like they want to fail.