Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stand With Ezra

I remember Mark Steyn debating Khurrum Awan. Mark Steyn handed him his butt, perhaps silently reminding the man that he ought to hang onto it.

Khurrum Awan is now facing off with Ezra Levant in court, suing the latter for statements that were allegedly insulting and defamatory. Having unsuccessfully led previous lawsuits for things that he claimed were "hate speech", Mr. Awan is looking for another bite of the apple in what amounts to not only squashing of honest political opinion but to the permission of legal vendettas against anyone whom the Crown or special-interest groups believe to be a nuisance.

Show trials were/are the stock of communist states. That they are permitted here is nothing short of appalling.

Time to pay it forward for everyone (if you can).

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