Sunday, October 13, 2013

Something For A Saturday

On Monday, the feasting shall begin.

(unless you mean "The Walking Dead" but that's different)

Let us give thanks.

People who aren't Kenneth Bae are released and people are asking questions that should have been on the front burner before, like: "Why were they there in the first place?" and "Why does their story keep changing?" :

Average Canadians are busting up the consensus media's love-fest for the fanatical pair of Hamas' useful idiots.
This guy hasn't been released yet.

The Oscars The Nobel Peace Prize is just a popularity contest:

The Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded to an organization "for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons," the Nobel Committee stated today (Oct.11).

(Sidebar: which they haven't done.)

They gave the prize to Yassar Arafat, Al Gore and Obama. It's rather like the Order of Canada, an award practically anyone could get but took on a pretty gangrenous odour once Morgentaler got it.

Related: what she said:

To state the blatantly obvious:
Malala Yousafzai is a courageous individual.
In a society in which cowed office workers meekly obey orders not to say “Merry Christmas,” few of us can imagine having her kind of principled fortitude.
Now, it’s fine if Malala Yousafzai wants to adopt a surprisingly Christian attitude as her personal response to an assault, and as a path to individual sanctity.
However, like all non-violent philosophies, it presumes an equally civilized and sophisticated opponent, and the Taliban are neither.
They are not Christian (or even Roman soldiers in 30 AD.)
They are not the even post-war Japanese or Germans.
The Taliban are illiterate, primitive, low IQ Muslim pedophiles.
They are beyond the reach of reason or even normal human fellow-feeling.
They need killing.
When you sit at the dinner table on Monday, give thanks that Mrs. BCF exists.

And BCF, too, because of a lot of reasons.

Well, everyone, really. You know who you are.

People are no longer tolerating the deliberate government shutdown (the blame of which lies squarely at the feet of Obama), particularly this bison:

Freshly embarrassed by a bunch of ignorant kangaroo riders, David Suzuki's "I'm Still Kind of a Big Deal In Canada" tour hits a snag when a sitting judge withdraws from a theatrical stunt:

On Friday, after questions were raised about her involvement, Ontario Superior Justice Harriet Sachs announced that she would no longer be participating in a mock trial of environmentalist David Suzuki.

The Trial of David Suzuki, a live theatre performance set to run Nov. 6 at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, will see Mr. Suzuki “defend his beliefs” in a mock trial argued by two opposing legal teams. Judge Sachs had agreed to oversee the proceedings.

(Sidebar: like he couldn't do in Australia.)

Artist's rendition of David Suzuki getting his @$$ kicked on Australian TV.

When you sit at the dinner table this Monday, give thanks that Ezra Levant exists.

Speaking of kangaroo riders:

American pro-life activist Bryan Kemper says he is bruised and sore, but recovering, after a mob of pro-abortion counter-protesters attacked him and his team of pro-life activists during the March for the Babies in Melbourne, Australia.

I realise that the British Empire viewed Australia as some sort of Battle Royale arena but should this not have resulted in- I don't know- some pushback? It's not like these ragtag baby-death cheerleaders are rational or anything.

It's not like South Korea has huge pockets of natural gas to rely on:

South Korea should reduce its reliance on nuclear power in view of public discontent with corruption in the industry and Japan's difficulty tackling the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster, a group weighing up the problem said on Sunday.

And now, when you sit at the dinner table this Monday, give thanks that pumpkins can be used to make these delicious dishes.

Happy Thanksgiving.

(Merci beaucoup)

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