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Liberal Senator Colin Kenny faces sexual harassment charges:

Sen. Colin Kenny may have resigned from the Liberal caucus over allegations of sexual harassment but questions remain about when Justin Trudeau's office first learned about a young female staffer's complaint.

A former staffer has accused Kenny of making sexual comments to her, touching her waist during conversations in his office and asking her to his house for drinks, among other accusations.

In a statement, Kenny says the allegations are "without merit."

"As per the conditions that govern the investigation, neither I nor anyone else involved may comment publicly until it is concluded," he wrote. "I am very much looking forward to the resolution of this issue."

Kenny filed a letter of resignation Thursday, effective Nov. 13. It is unclear when Trudeau learned of the allegations, but a spokeswoman for his office said the former staffer sent two letters detailing her complaints.

The first was sent to Trudeau's office Aug. 22, with the subject line "Senate Reform." The office said it received roughly 400 e-mails that day with that subject line. As a result, it said, the complaint e-mail "was triaged into a bulk folder of the Senate reform e-mails and was not seen by our office".

On Oct. 24 the former staffer wrote another letter to the Liberal leader in the Senate, James Cowan. Her initial e-mail was then flagged and Trudeau's chief of staff, Cyrus Reporter, said the office followed up "immediately."

Putting aside his guilt or innocence, why did the Liberals, ever quick to dog others about alleged corruption, wait until recently to boot Kenney out of the caucus when they were aware of these allegations since August?

It's only illegal when other people do it.

Omar Khadr, the Canadian-born terrorist who admitted to murdering Christopher Speer, cannot proceed with an appeal to chis conviction as planned:

An American military court has thrown a wrench into an attempt by former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr to appeal his war-crimes convictions, The Canadian Press has learned.

In an order his lawyer called unprecedented, the Court of Military Commission Review has told both sides to file arguments only on whether the court has the authority to hear the appeal.

"It's terribly unfair to Khadr," Sam Morison, Khadr's American lawyer, who works for the U.S. Defence Department, said in an interview Friday.

"The court's supposed to be neutral. That's what's most troubling."

Normally, appeal courts hear arguments on all the issues at play — including the merits of the case — allowing everything to be decided together.

The military court's new tack, however, could see the case drag on interminably if it decides it has no authority to hear the appeal regardless of its merits.

If that happens, Khadr, 27, would first have to ask a civilian court to order the military court to hear the case, and then, if successful, would have to start from scratch to argue the merits.

The process could take years.

Considering that solar and wind power are not only unreliable but more expensive-  between 40 to 80 cents per kilowatt per hour (kWh) for solar power and 13.5 cents kWh for wind power (as opposed to the already reliable and "green" hydro which stands at 3.5 cents kWh)- Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne had decided that already expensive energy and even more expensive gas plant cancellations are not enough to reduce Ontarians to dust; she is planning on shutting down all the coal plants in Ontario:

Ontario could soon become the first place in North America to snuff out coal-fired electricity generation for good, Premier Kathleen Wynne said Thursday.

The minority Liberals plan to introduce legislation on Monday that, if passed, would ensure no Ontario generating station ever burns coal again once it's eliminated in 2014.

Ontario's Nanticoke generating station -- the largest coal-burning plant in North America -- is slated to close soon. Another station in Thunder Bay, Ont., is expected to switch to biomass over the next year.

With environmentalist and former U.S. vice-president Al Gore by her side, Wynne said the proposed ban isn't just a symbolic move in Ontario's fight against climate change.
(Sidebar: Man-Bear-Pig is a fraud.)

This is the government Liberal voters wanted.

I hate you.

Related: those against wind turbines counter Wynne:

While attending an MPP's 10th anniversary dinner, Premier Kathleen Wynne was met with about 100 wind turbine protesters in this eastern Ontario city.

Holding signs saying Stop the Wind Turbines and Voters' Rights: Gone with the Wynne, the group booed the premier as she arrived for the event.

Behold, American liberal arrogance!

But at the debate, America’s treatment of Canada came up again, courtesy of Maureen Dowd.

She spent most of her time recycling Dick Cheney and Ted Cruz insults from her columns. If the Rob Ford scandal had not been all over the news, she wouldn’t have made any Canadian reference.

Not only did Dowd not bother to find examples relevant to Canadians, but also her repeated slam against Ted Cruz, a man she clearly loathes, was to call him Canadian. I know she simply hoped to sabotage any future presidential run for the Senator from Texas, but she obviously didn’t consider how it might come off to a Canadian audience when she used their nationality as a slur.

In fact, the participants seemed completely unaware they were speaking to a Canadian audience. They kept using the royal “we” for Americans, as if they were debating in Toledo, Ohio not Toronto, Canada.
One would think that a speaker would be aware of her audience.


When Maureen Dowd called Ted Cruz a Canadian in front of other Canadians, it was as a pejorative, as though being a citizen of a functional First-World country with lots of bankable natural resources and not one iota of the self-imploding problems plaguing the US was somehow bad.

Not smart.

She called Ted Cruz a Canadian when she should have said: "Ted Cruz is a CANADIAN! And that's great, just like you guys!"

Like that. It would come off less insulting that way.

Such things have to be explained to liberals, you know.


Just when you thought the very unpopular and unworkable healthcare tax known as Obamacare couldn't get any worse, it does:

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) penalizes married couples by making it more difficult than unmarried couples to receive subsides. Under the new law, couples living together who are not married could save up to $10,000 more than a married couple.

And who was told this was going to be a failure, American voters?

And now, white chocolate raspberry OREO cookie balls. Enjoy.

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