Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Post

Quickly now...

The beleaguered Toronto mayor Rob Ford is stripped of most of his mayoral powers:

Toronto city council voted to strip Mayor Rob Ford of more of his powers Monday evening, following a day of debate that descended into chaos at times and left one councillor with a fat lip.

Councillors voted on each measure included in the motion separately, including a vote of 37-5 to reduce the mayor’s budget, a vote of 36-6 to transfer the remaining mayoral budget to Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly and a vote of 30-10 to prevent the mayor from designating key items for council debate.

Mayor Ford abstained from voting on the advice of the city’s integrity commissioner. Ford is now essentially the mayor in name only, with most of his powers transferred to Kelly.

Remember- the Toronto left wanted a known drug user as mayor and would elect in a woman who lived in housing meant for low-income families when she could have afforded to live elsewhere.

Carry on.


Captain Clueless strikes again:

While Trudeau’s comments were made at the Sioux Valley First Nations elementary school, Jillian Austin, a reporter for the Brandon Sun newspaper, said the Liberal leader was speaking to a group of teenage high-school students in the gym.

Trudeau's statement on marijuana was a response to a question from a student, she said.

Austin said Trudeau started by saying that marijuana was dangerous for young people, because their minds are still developing, but that he believes regulating pot will make it safer for children.

The high school students had come to the elementary school for the event, said the school.

MacKay said the comments reflect poorly on Trudeau.

``We have no intention of decriminalizing marijuana. And he can shout this from the hilltops as much as he likes, but going before school children, in my view, crosses the line of appropriate behaviour for a federal leader.''

That's what aboriginal teen-agers need- more drugs. Screw this full citizenship/education/opportunity crap. More drugs mean more Liberal votes.

Doesn't Trudeau ever think before he speaks?

Obama is too proud and stupid to kill his failed legacy:

It's still an extraordinarily remote possibility that Obama would actually sign a bill repealing Obamacare. He may as well resign if he does that because he would be dead politically. But overriding a presidential veto is now a scenario to be considered. It's not likely - at the moment. But if blue state Democratic senators who now seem a safe bet for re-election start feeling the heat, anything is possible.

No, Obama won't sign the ACA's death warrant. But it may die anyway - with or without the help of Democrats.

And now, differences between American "English" and British English.

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