Thursday, November 07, 2013

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What was billed as a cheeky, non-traditional ad to promote a fundraiser Thursday night with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is being denounced as a sexist come-on that demeans the contribution women make to federal politics.

The poster for the ad is a square divided into nine boxes. In four of those boxes, the same portrait Trudeau uses for his Twitter feed is reproduced and each one is given the Andy Warhol treatment with a different colour shade. The box in the middle reads, "Cocktails. Candid conversation. Curiosity-inducing ideas. 

Ladies, you're invited to (really) get to know the future prime minister."

The other boxes contain questions. "What's your favourite virtue?" "Who are your real-life heroes?" "What is the biggest issue facing women?"

The marketing of the event brought quick censure from female NDP and Conservative politicians.

"This isn't just demeaning, it's stupid," NDP MP Megan Leslie said on her Facebook page. "Stupid stupid stupid. All issues are women's issues. And you know what, we can wear pants and drive cars and vote and have jobs and we can have political opinions. The economy is a women's issue, Justin. Health Care is a women's issue, Justin. And you know what? Keystone XL *ahem* is a women's issue."

(Sidebar: shut up, Megan Leslie. Shouldn't you be turn-coating about now?)

This kind of sickening vote-trolling ploy is not just nauseating but it's expected of any member of the Liberal party. It's appalling to any right-thinking individual, particularly women-voters who just find Trudeau fils insufferable. Will it work? Look at the airheads who think Justin's just the dreamiest, the ones who don't mind being patted on the head and told they're just pretty as postcards.

God help us all.

Anti-semitism in Quebec:

Watch as a man is assaulted by two Muslim broads for even daring to discuss the proposed law against religious garb in public buildings. He is called a "filthy Jew", among other things.

Is it still too late to strap Kathleen Wynne to a rocket and fire her into the sun?

Ontario's Liberal government came under fire Thursday after saying it is on track to eliminate an $11.7-billion deficit by 2017-18, but will keep spending if the economy weakens further. ...

The Canadian Taxpayers' Federation said the lack of cuts and the continued spending means Ontario is "abandoning any hope" of a balanced budget.

"Stimulus spending hasn't worked in the past," said CTF Ontario Director Candice Malcolm. "In Ontario, it simply slowed our recovery and left us with a mountain of debt to be paid off by future taxpayers."

The fall economic update put the province's debt figure at a whopping $272 billion, more than double what it was when the Liberals were first elected in 2003.

Oh, look- more misspent money:

A British Columbia aboriginal agency charged with delivering child welfare services to First Nations youth is defending its work despite a damning report by the children's watchdog that it has received millions in funding, but has nothing to show for it.

The province hands out about $90 million each year to 23 delegated aboriginal agencies responsible for child welfare programs. But B.C.'s Children and Youth Representative Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond slammed the government this week for having a dismal record of accounting for how that money is spent.

According to the report, some agencies such as the Nanaimo-based Kw'umut Lelum Child and Family Services has received almost $8 million from the Ministry of Children and Family Development over the past five years. It has 71 cases opened as of March, mostly involving youth in foster care.

In contrast, the Denisiqi Services Society, based in the province's Central Interior, has received nearly $5 million in the same time period, but has yet to open a file to account for a child being served, the report said.

Kate Mulgrew is planning her memoirs for 2015:

Kate Mulgrew has figured out a way to introduce her two great passions, acting and writing, to each other: She's working on a memoir.

Little, Brown and Company announced a deal Thursday with Mulgrew, the actress known for her roles in "Star Trek: Voyager" and "Ryan's Hope." The 58-year-old Mulgrew will tell the story of being an unmarried mother who gave up her daughter for adoption during the start of her career, her reunion with her daughter in 2001 and "the costs and rewards of a passionate life."

The book is untitled and scheduled to come out in May 2015.


I do hope it explains how Voyager could go off the rails.

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