Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Mid-Week Post

Inside the work week, one finds its nucleus...

Only three?

The suspension of three former Conservative senators without pay did not stop the opposition parties from keeping up their attacks on Stephen Harper over what his office knew about a plan to repay the inappropriate expenses of senator Mike Duffy.

(Sidebar: I'd like to ask why some MPs can be citizens of France or can take money from schools and charities but that's just me.)

Why did you ask them to do that, Justin?

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau advised his caucus to abstain from the controversial Tuesday night vote to suspend three former Conservative senators.

Maybe this might explain it:

The scandal-plagued Senate has a cheerleader in Justin Trudeau after the Liberal leader said he wouldn't abolish the chamber because it's to Quebec's gain over other provinces to keep the lights on.

Trudeau has to be appalled at the senate scandal but won't abolish it, not unless it serves his purposes to do so, which it doesn't.

Related: Carbon taxes don't work. They don't decrease pollution but they do increase revenue for the government at the expense of taxpayers, some of whom are working-class low-income families. They also kill jobs. So, why would a price on carbon pollution work?

By the way, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.

Carry on.

At this time, I would like to point out that the Toronto left wanted to vote for a known drug addict.

Just throwing that out there.

Yeah, they should:

The pacifist group behind a "white poppy" pin campaign is reconsidering whether to hand them out at next week's national Remembrance Day ceremony.

"Certainly we don't want to cause a disruption or offend anybody," Rideau Institute president Steven Staples said Wednesday.
But you have offended people.

It's... it's ... beautiful....

No. There’s no sugar-coating it – your votes for Democrats have ensured that you are the first generation in American history that will fail to exceed what their parents attained. Embracing liberalism was a stupid thing to do, done for the stupidest of reasons, and I will now let you subsidize my affluent lifestyle without a shred of guilt.  

I’m a 48 year old trial lawyer living on the coast in California – I should have “Hope and Change” tattooed on my glutes. I’d have an excuse to be lib-curious, but you Millennials? Why do you support an ideology that pillages you to pay-off Democrat constituencies? Your time in the indoctrination factories of academia trained you in a form of “critical thinking” that is neither. Somehow, you came to embrace the bizarre notion that conservatives are psychotic Jesus freaks who want to Footloosisze America into a land of mandatory Sunday school and no dancing. 

But liberals, in contrast, are nice. Obama is cool. You chose petty fascism with a smile. Not a lot of thought went into it. Facts, evidence – these were mere distractions from the feelings-based validation that came from rejecting us wicked conservatives. 

What did you get? The chance to be forced to buy health insurance you don’t want at inflated rates so my rates can be lower. You get to pay more out of your monthly barista take – liberalism ensured that the tanked job market foreclosed a real career – so that I get to pay less out of my lawyer checks. Thanks, suckers....

So feel free to keep voting for the liberals who keep you in chains. I’ll take my cheaper insurance, my future Social Security checks, and the other benefits that come from being established without guilt. The guys who you squander your votes upon certainly won’t change that equation. You’ll tread water in life, but hey, at least those conservatives won’t be in charge! 

Thanks again, suckers. Now get off my lawn.

Feel free to laugh at liberals and leftists. They've earned their poverty and despair.


Pope Francis gives an example of brotherly love:

Pope Francis concluded Wednesday’s general audience in St Peter’s Square in Rome by kissing a man covered in boils and joining him in prayer.

And now, the coolest way to thwart a crime:

A Hemet woman who awoke to find a burglar at her bedside Saturday turned the tables on the intruder by brandishing an ax.

Robyn Irvine said she was asleep in bed with her cat when she heard a clicking sound and awoke to feel a stranger trying to remove the watch from her wrist.

“He was kneeled down right here face-to-face with me,” Irvine said.

The former ax-throwing competitor grabbed the weapon she keeps by her side at all times.
 (Sidebar: yeah, you read that right.)


Howdy Dowdy said...

Great post, as always.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

And I thank you.

Anonymous said...

Just another example of a left-leaning party attempting to the main voting demographic that tends to get them elected. Once in a while, they step over the line or miscalculate. I wouldn't let "The Insiders'" Ponyboy/C. Thomas Howell-Trudeau run a lemonade stand in my driveway.


Osumashi Kinyobe said...

It's horrifying to think who would vote for these twits.