Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The World Is Taking Crazy Pills (the Redux-iest)

Apparently, so is Toronto mayor Rob Ford:

Despite his stunning admission that he has smoked crack cocaine, Mayor Rob Ford says he is not stepping down or taking a leave of office.

"I feel like I got 1,000 pounds off my back," Ford told the Toronto Sun. "I felt I had to say it. It is what is. I feel two inches high right now but I needed to deal with it. I am not going to quit or take a leave."

"I am not an addict or an alcoholic. I have work to do and I am moving on. The way I see it now, this is over."


Disappointed Turtle just doesn't know what to say.

Now that this scandalous confession has been made to see the light, can we get on the case of an unaccomplished son of a former prime minister who not only admitted he smoked pot but wants to legalise it, as well, and the harm-reduction sites that don't reduce harm. And let's not forget the Ontario premier who lied, wasted tax dollars and who, with the help of an accused child pornographer, pushed for an obscene sex ed program for kindergarten students.

Speaking of obscene:

Pedophilia is not a “sexual orientation,” and erroneous use of that phrase will be corrected soon in its new manual on mental illnesses, the American Psychiatric Association said Thursday.

The APA’s statement came in response to media inquiries, including from The Washington Times, about an uproar on the Internet that the APA had designated pedophilia as a sexual orientation in its new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, known as DSM-5 or DSM-V.

Or they could just call it a crime and a sin and put these monsters on a rock in Baffin Island in the middle of January.

Moving on...

(WARNING: serious douchebaggery ahead)
Pro-abortion students at Brock University who disrupted a speech by a pro-life activist on campus are threatening the university with legal action if it does not drop disciplinary charges it filed against two of the students. 
 "Brock Security overreacted and the attention on this matter should be directed at the leadership of the security team at Brock, not at the students who only expressed their rights to peacefully protest,” the group, which calls itself the “The Dark Circle Collective,” stated in a press release. 

(Sidebar: what did I tell you?)

“We demand that the charges be dismissed immediately and without any further action.” 

The group threatened Brock University with legal action if it did not dismiss the charges.
The audacity!
At this point, this is not freedom of speech on their part. It is about their unwillingness to be sophisticated adults in the face of disagreement and how everyone else should deal with it. They are the apes throwing bones after seeing that black thing in "2001: A Space Odyssey". Why should anyone, whatever their opinions on the matter, be subjected to the kind of Cro-Magnon thuggery these people so gleefully display? Kick their @$$es out of university and let them try that crap in Russia.

A pacifist campaign to distribute "white poppy" pins in the week leading up to Remembrance Day is getting under the skin of the veterans affairs minister. ...
The University of Ottawa's Celyn Dufay said Monday the pins are meant for those who "don't want to celebrate war."

He also said he and others hoped to distribute the pins at the national Remembrance Day ceremony next week, which also displeases Fantino.

"That's even more inappropriate," said the minister.
I think he should be bothered that men who risked their lives so that he can proudly display his willful ignorance would find white poppies offensive.

China tries to extort the world... again!

China will be "flexible" in U.N. talks for a new global climate change deal, but the key to progress is getting rich nations to keep pledges to fund mitigation steps by poorer countries, the country's top climate change official said on Tuesday.
What happened to all the money the world gives China for its slave labour-made products? Are they going to clean Harbin's air with it?

If I was Mitt Romney, I would shoot a commercial outside of the lavish cabin my hard-earned money paid for and remind stupid voters that they willingly believed the pernicious lie that he condemned a woman to die from cancer and are choosing to ignore Obama's clear disregard for human life:

“Perhaps the most important lesson the president, I think, failed to learn was, you have to tell the American people the truth,” Mr. Romney said. “And when he told the American people that you could keep your health insurance if you wanted to keep that plan, period, he said that time and again, he wasn't telling the truth. And I think that fundamental dishonesty has really put in peril the whole foundation of his second term.”

Yeah, the truth. I think Obama is genetically incapable of it.

And now, something with bees:

An overturned tractor-trailer let loose millions of honeybees on Sunday and left a sticky mess on a major highway south of Atlanta, after hitting a guardrail and spilling its cargo of hives and honey.

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