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There are nine more days before Christmas.

Two screen legends from a time when Hollywood was crammed to the rafters with people who took their craft seriously, kept their politics to themselves and lived interesting lives - Peter O'Toole and Joan Fontaine- died this week-end.

The world is already more empty without them.

Watch, under Alfred Hitchcock's sterling direction, Dame Judith Anderson as Mrs. Danvers belittle Joan Fontaine's the other Miss DeWinter:


There are any number of stories about Peter O'Toole's drinking escapades told with such flourish and vigor as to put to shame our poor abilities to recount but it may be more fitting to show one this clip from one of Peter O'Toole's most famous roles, T.E. Lawrence:

Moving on...

As was said before, Saint Nicholas was a fourth century bishop of Myra (in what is now Turkey). This fact, for the odd grievance-monger, is unacceptable:

The essay was called “Santa Claus Should Not Be a White Man Anymore,” and forgive me if I think it’s a wee bit uppity for Aisha to presume she has the authority to make such declarations. Aisha writes of the shame and pain and confusion and heartache she’d experience every holiday season when she walked out into the Scary Big White World and was ruthlessly confronted with “pale” Santas who had “skin as pink as bubble gum.” Aisha failed to note that if she were still living in her ancestral homeland, she likely wouldn’t be concerned with such trifles. Back in those non-wintry climes, she might even know what horseflies taste like.

Just like the militant atheists who choose to be offended at the mere sight of a porcelain Baby Jesus, Miss Harris chooses identity politics (ie- skin colour) as the basis on which to be affronted and frightened by the annual appearance of melanin-impoverished yet equal-opportunity gift-giver. I suppose skin colour is too high an obstacle to look beyond for Miss Harris and her race-obsessed brethren. No one loves Santa Claus because he's white; they love him because he's a magical man who gives them presents every December. If Santa cannot garner such admiration for his legendary generosity if his skin is lighter than coffee then what does he have to do to get Miss Harris et al to love him?

Speaking of race-baiters...

President Barack Obama and his family attended the 32nd annual "Christmas in Washington" concert, a benefit for the Children's National Health System. After an evening of Christmas carols at the National Building Museum, the president said Americans should remember Jesus Christ's lessons of charity and compassion.

"Through his example, he taught us that we should love the Lord, love our neighbors, as we love ourselves. It's a teaching that has endured for generations. And today, it lies at the heart of my faith and that of millions of Americans, and billions around the globe," Obama said.

...says the man who wouldn't lift a finger to help his hospitalised nephew, goes on million dollar holidays while much of the country languishes in joblessness and has cut people off from life-saving healthcare insurance.

Oh, and he's an Islamist supporter.

Forget the love of Jewish Baby Jesus this season, eh, Obama?

But he's right:

It isn't the government's job or anyone else to feed one's children. The primary responsibility for parents is to safeguard their children's welfare- feed, clothe and shelter. If parents cannot (or will not) feed their children, wouldn't it be a better use of resources to find out why? Are they abusive or neglectful? Such parents don't become caring and attentive by lunch or supper. Are the parents unemployed? Stop sending jobs overseas and rein in greedy unions that send them there. Are we willing to create newer generations of dependents who will be unable to become self-sufficient in tough economic times? Are we willing to create generations unused to practical and social aspects of food preparation and consumption? It's not cute or encouraging when an able-bodied adolescent is unable to make a basic meal for him or herself or watch such adolescents eat with their hands while texting to their friends instead of engaging others at the table in conversation. It's an example of devolution.

Kim Jong-Un's aunt ordered the execution of her husband:

Kim Kyong-hui, the aunt of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and widow of his executed uncle Jang Song-taek, is alive and well.

North Korea on Friday announced the death of a high-ranking Workers Party official and included Kim Kyong-hui's name on the list of dignitaries planning his funeral. ...

Lee said no harm would be done to Kim Kyong-hui since she is a direct descendant of revered nation founder Kim Il-sung, piously referred to as the "Baekdu bloodline" after Kim's mythical birthplace.

Lim Eul-chul at Kyungnam University said the North Korean leader probably discussed the purge of her husband with his aunt. "Unlike Jang Song-taek, Kim Kyong-hui is no threat to Kim Jong-un and she is also ill, so she probably won’t be purged," Lim said.

Meanwhile, Japan's Asahi Shimbun quoted a source close to a high-ranking North Korean official as saying on Saturday that Kim Kyong-hui divorced Jang the day before his execution. The North Korean leader had ordered the divorce and that his aunt did not object.

So SHE is the Lady MacBeth here. What a sour-looking old cow.

More bloodshed to come.

And now, are you thinking of getting your little one a pet dinosaur this Christmas? This infographic will give you all the information you need to make the right choice.

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