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The world still turns...

Nelson Mandela is still dead.

Speaking of Nelson Mandela:

The 20/20 special peddled such obviously fraudulent lies as the allegation that Mandela’s African National Congress was “committed to nonviolent resistance.” Not a peep was made about the fact that Mandela was sentenced to prison not only for “treason”—which is the only charge the show mentioned—but that he pled guilty to an indictment accusing him of complicity in “the preparation, manufacture and use of explosives—for the purpose of committing acts of violence.” Nothing was said about the radical guerrilla army he founded called “Spear of the Nation” that was linked to hundreds of acts of violence and sabotage. Nothing was said about his claim that “violence in this country was inevitable.” Nor was it mentioned that he was offered freedom from prison in February 1985 if he agreed to foreswear violence but that he refused. And they certainly didn’t dare to show a clip of an ANC “necklacing” that’s one of the most brutal snippets of mob violence I’ve ever witnessed. Nothing was said about the Church Street Bombing or any of the other bombings and violent acts committed in the ANC’s name that in other contexts would have Mandela dubbed a violent terrorist. Instead, 20/20 referred to him with the much cheerier sobriquet of “freedom fighter.”

Read the whole thing. I feel the writer of this article could compose a grocery list and still punch you in the face with the truth.


Olivia Chow, who lived with her husband, Jack Layton (also still dead), in housing meant for low-income families, is mulling a mayoral run:

Chow told the Globe and Mail she was "seriously considering running for mayor," but had not made a final decision. Beyond that, she has remained relatively mum on the issue, but her duties as a Toronto Member of Parliament has kept her connected to the city.

Why Celebrity Apartheid Week matters:

When rock legend Neil Young compared Fort McMurray to Hiroshima last fall, supporters of Alberta's oil sands industry centred there rolled their eyes.

Nothing to see here, folks. Just another piece of celebrity sanctimony.

Well, the Canadian-born Young is putting his time and money where his mouth is. He plans to stage a series of concerns to raise money for a northern Alberta First Nation fighting oil sands development, The Canadian Press reports.

Hack ponders the dueling judiciary and members of parliament:

The judicial insurrection is continuing against aspects of the Conservative government's tough-on-crime agenda.

The Globe and Mail reports the backlash against recent federal legislation doubling the victim surcharge levied against convicted criminals and eliminating a judge's ability to waive it has spread to several provinces.

The Globe said judges in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta have either refused to order criminals to pay the surcharge, which maxes out at $200, or adhered to the letter of the law but found ways to subvert it, such as giving the offender years, even decades, to pay it.

The Conservatives passed the Increasing Offenders' Accountability for Victims Act last April, and it received royal assent in June. It amended the Criminal Code to boost the surcharge, which goes to the provinces for victims' services programs, to $100 from $50 in a summary conviction and $200 from $100 for an indictable offence.

A judge can no longer waive the surcharge if an offender pleads an inability to pay. Instead, offenders can participate in a "fine option" program such as community service.

Judges are already bridling at the Conservative government's elimination of the two-for-one credit in 2010 on prison terms routinely given to cover the time a still-unconvicted accused spends in pre-trial custody.

Who runs the country anyway- people who are supposed to make the law or activist judges?

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And now, food gift ideas this Christmas. Enjoy.

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