Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Squeaky Wheels

In the wee hours before Christmas (a clearly Christian holiday that anyone can enjoy), let us remember those who are truly persecuted for their beliefs.

But not these guys:

That's right- the truly persecuted this season are... the militant atheists whose efforts to ban toy drives and Nativity scenes are as welcome as hornets' nests in one's bed. They defend their right to be annoying with such paranoid and unintelligent vigor, too! How can one tell who is an atheist if one can freely express his or her non-belief without fear of punishment... Oh wait.

Such are the problems for the well-fed and entitled in the Western world. If Christmas inspires such loathing and cockamamie fables of its origins, one must wonder what a perfect world for them would look like and how it would be terrible to live in a world where one's own certainty is based on shoddy reasoning and the best way to handle discourse is with knee-jerk over-reaction.

But this guy says it so well:

Merry Christmas.

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