Friday, January 10, 2014

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Quickly now...

I thought this brow-beating over smoking tobacco (unlike that incredibly healthy marijuana) was supposed to work:

Well, a new joint-study by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and U.S.-based Reason Foundation says just that: when taxes rise, contraband cigarette seizures go up.

What? Government interference doesn't work?

What China needs is factories to ask permission to pollute:

China will look into establishing a nation-wide trading system for pollution permits as part of efforts to use market mechanisms to help clean up its environment, the country's top environment official said.

In remarks published on the website of the Ministry of Environmental Protection ( on Friday, minister Zhou Shengxian said China was working on new regulations for pollution permits and would also publish proposals for new pilot trading projects as soon as possible.

China has vowed to reverse the environmental consequences of three decades of breakneck industrial expansion and clean up its heavily polluted air, water and soil and is hoping to use the market to encourage firms to cut emissions.

Brigette DePape is a moron and a coward:

Come on, you hack. Who's funding you?

I thought that the Ark of the Covenant was being examined by

A newly translated Hebrew text claims to reveal where treasures from King Solomon's temple were hidden and discusses the fate of the Ark of the Covenant itself. ...

The newly translated text, called "Treatise of the Vessels" (Massekhet Kelim in Hebrew), says the "treasures were concealed by a number of Levites and prophets," writes James Davila, a professor at the University of St. Andrews, in an article in the book "Old Testament Pseudepigrapha More Noncanonical Scriptures Volume 1" (William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2013).

"Some of these (treasures) were hidden in various locations in the Land of Israel and in Babylonia, while others were delivered into the hands of the angels Shamshiel, Michael, Gabriel and perhaps Sariel …" writes Davila in his article.

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