Thursday, January 09, 2014

The York Purdah

This would not be a problem if the West not only recognised the values that made it great but lived those values and unapologetically enforced them as cultural and even legal norms, as well:

York University appears to be standing by its controversial decision to permit a student to be excused from a group project because the presence of women interfered with his “firm religious beliefs.”

In a statement Thursday by provost Rhonda Lenton, the university affirmed its commitment to “gender equity, inclusivity and diversity,” but did not retract an October order authorizing the much-criticized “religious accommodation.”

The statement comes one day after York University sociology professor J. Paul Grayson went public with documents showing that university brass had backed a request from one of his students to be separated from female classmates for religious reasons.

What is amusing about this (if anything amusing could be taken from this incident) is how leftist political correctness topples on itself and its believers. One find that the word schadenfreude is not sufficient a term to describe the feeling that the sociology professor who made this outrage public and the female students, both of whom have enjoyed preferential treatment for whatever pseudo-ideology one cares to name, are now thrown to the curb. They are victims of the agendas that were pushed and have served an elite. It has come to this. If this is an epiphany, then this wrong-doing will have served a purpose. If not, what must be done before the awakening occurs?

Concerning the incident- 

First of all, that a student could even think of making such a request shows one how lax the West has become when it favours absurd or cruel accommodations over universal respect for others and the rule of law and custom. Is there a problem with treating students as though they deserve to be there? Apparently so.

Secondly, this incident exposes the true nature of political correctness, a nature of hypocrisy and exclusion. The left can trumpet-call "gender equity, inclusivity and diversity" all it likes but when one person or group is deliberately railroaded (in this case, women, but York has quite the history of doing this to others, as well) that pretense is shabby at best.

Political correctness was and is never about true social justice but about social favouritism, the kind of post-Modern snobbery and power-clutching that is ridiculous as it is injurious. It is about whom one can offend the least or the most. York University has decided it can offend everyone else at the expense of a deliberately unidentified male student. This leads me to my third point: who is this person? Had he been a member of a group that can be offended with impunity, without a doubt, not only would he have been named but his identity would have been splashed everywhere.

What kind of group has that political pull, I wonder?

One would have to closely examine the politically correct totem pole of importance or even a pyramid of victimhood for that answer.

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