Tuesday, January 21, 2014

On a Tuesday

So it is written...

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's visit to Israel marks a new chapter in the latter's history, one almost dominated by American friendship but has seen a dramatic cooling. Under Harper, Canada has formed a friendship with Israel that will likely change the fortunes of both countries. A Canadian-backed Israel would hardly have been imagined under a prime minister like Chretien. Harper also will not indulge in the usual fanning of flames nor make blanket statements but, as almost with surgical precision, distinguish between the natures of those who criticise Israel. Furthermore, Harper's visit to Israel raises Canada's geopolitical and economic profile. So, despite what the naysayers go on and on about, this is a very good thing.

Related: there is no need to give these cretins a state:

As Christians of every stripe in Jesus' hometown of Nazareth begin to again take a real stand for their faith, local Muslims are warning them not to overstep the boundaries of their traditional place in the Middle East (hint: they must remain dhimmis, or second-class).

A large billboard hanging at a central point in Nazareth features a picture of an Israeli stop sign, along with the English translation of a verse from the Koran cautioning Christians (and Jews) to speak only the "truth" regarding Allah.

(paws up)

The anti-Catholic President Obama wishes to meet with the head of the Catholic Church:

President Obama will meet with Pope Francis on March 27, capping a European trip that will take him to the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy.

Boy, will Obama be surprised when he finds out that Pope Francis is pro-life.

This was predicted in 2008:

Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon, citing congressional and other sources, reports: "Executive orders grant the president significant leverage in the how sanctions are implemented, meaning that Obama could choose to stop enforcing many of the laws on the books, according to government insiders."

The expectation is that the Obama administration will not only resist new sanctions, but will push back against congressional oversight of the Iran deal, which took effect Jan. 20 and trades some sanctions relief for temporary stalling of high-level uranium enrichment, among other minor and reversible concessions.

And now, debunked myths about the First World War.

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