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Who gave themselves a raise?

There's your transparent party of Ad Scam for you.

How do you "fundamentally misunderstand" that you cannot return a child to be battered horrifically?

An inquiry judge has found Manitoba child welfare fundamentally misunderstood its mandate to protect children and left a little girl who was murdered "defenceless against her mother's cruelty" and against the "sadistic violence" of the woman's boyfriend.

Five-year-old Phoenix Sinclair was killed by the couple in 2005 after prolonged and horrific abuse.
In his final report into her death, Commissioner Ted Hughes recommended Manitoba should take the lead to address the disproportionate number of aboriginal children in care across Canada.

"At least 13 times throughout her life, Winnipeg Child and Family Services received notice of concerns for Phoenix's safety and well-being from various sources, the last one coming three months before her death," Hughes wrote in his three-volume report released Friday. "Throughout, files were opened and closed, often without a social worker ever laying eyes on Phoenix.

"Unfortunately, the system failed to act on what it knew, with tragic results."

Phoenix was apprehended at birth and during her life 27 agency workers were involved in her file. She was repeatedly returned to her mother, Samantha Kematch, despite concerns about what the judge called the woman's indifference toward her daughter.

Kematch and Karl McKay neglected, confined, tortured and beat Phoenix. She ultimately died of extensive injuries on the cold basement floor of the couple's home on the Fisher River reserve. She was buried in a shallow grave by the community dump and Kematch continued to collect child subsidy cheques.
Both adults were convicted of first-degree murder in 2008.

Hughes said the little girl's fate was sealed once Kematch began her relationship with McKay and took custody of Phoenix in 2004. He was "a dangerous man, from whom the agency could have, and should have, saved Phoenix," the judge wrote. ...

Manitoba must also push aboriginal children in care onto the national agenda, Hughes suggested. More aboriginal children are taken from their homes not because they are aboriginal, but because they are living in poverty and their parents often suffer from addictions. ...

Grand Chief Derek Nepinak of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs said aboriginal people don't want greater centralization of a system that takes children away from their culture.

He said he would rather see more focus on the expertise of elders and support for a generation of parents still suffering from the legacy of residential schools.

"There is a genocide that's continuing to happen. The precedent for apprehension of children against the will of families started in the residential school era," he said. "It's still happening today.

"We have to work on creating a healing mechanism for families and that is not enough of a focus right now."

(Sidebar: do note the unwillingness of those in the article to honestly address the real problems, those being the failure to make the parents of abused/neglected children accountable for their disgusting actions and the racism of soft expectations that runs rampant in white liberal circles. Instead, the leaders of the communities feel a need to top the victim pyramid and the white liberal establishment, ever-afraid of being dubbed 'racist' or confronting the brutal realities of their political illusions, chooses to look the other way, bowing its head in contrition after a few deaths and hoping that the government will sweep in and do something.  How disquieting it must be to aboriginals who DO take pride in themselves and their families. They must be completely off the ideological reservation.)

Obama will never approve of the much-needed Keystone Pipeline:

The most studied pipeline in U.S. history passed a key test Friday after the U.S. State Department gave its blessing after years of delays, triggering a 90-day review of Keystone XL.

The final word now rests with President Barack Obama. 

Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver has been selling the importance of Keystone for years and, with other cabinet ministers, has been pressing U.S. legislators and the White House to quit dithering.

"The choice for the United States is clear: oil supply from a reliable, environmentally responsible friend and neighbour or from unstable sources with similar or higher greenhouse gas emissions and lesser environmental standards," he said.

The State Department's environmental impact study concluded the TransCanada Corp. pipeline would not significantly increase oilsands production on its own because crude would find its way to market through other means, including rail.

It also said the rail alternative is far more dangerous than the pipeline in terms of fatalities and injuries.

"Approval or denial of any one crude oil transport project, including the proposed Project, remains unlikely to significantly impact the rate of extraction in the oilsands, or the continued demand for heavy crude oil at refineries in the United States," the study said.

He would rather chew off his own leg. Not only does the US need this pipeline, whether Obama likes it or not, this Canadian oil (not tar) will be brought up and sold. If potentially selling our oil to China bothers him so much, then he ought not to go into debt to China.

This leads to my next point: where did the lefty love for China and Canada go? When Canada was being run into the ground under Chretien, it was the go-to destination for American liberals. Now that it's headed by Israel-friendly and resource-minded Harper, it endures scorn (and don't get one started on Ted Cruz). China, the bastion of communist cruelty, is now seen as a pit in which Western jobs go to die. Nobody says that when they buy cheap garbage made by non-union slave labour.

Whither the love?

Obama doesn't like Canadian exceptionalism, either.

Racism: a staple of the left:

MSNBC stepped in it big time with their bigoted tweet claiming “right wingers” would “hate” a Cheerios ad featuring a bi-racial family. MSNBC deleted the tweet and apologized, but only after being called on it.
After MSNBC’s ridiculous but not surprising tweet, Twitchy founder, syndicated columnist and “just a blogger” Michelle Malkin started the hashtag #MyRightWingBiracialFamily ...

Here are 75 tweets from biracial families telling MSNBC their pandering to left-wing stereotypes of people who disagree with them will not be tolerated...

That's the left for you- boorish and frightfully hateful.


Anonymous said...

"this Canadian oil (not tar) will be brought up and sold."

Opponents of the Keystone XL will try to hide or avoid the fact that, *all* gas has tar in it, and nearly all oil has tar in it too.

Tar is a required ingredient in gasoline and is what gives it the colour. The one source of oil without tar had to have tar added to make gas.

Further more, tar is an organic chemical, produced by nature and is biogredable.

~Your Brother~

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

They call the oil sands 'tar sands' but fail to explain how vehicles run on this "substance".

But why let facts get in the way of a false narrative?