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Oh, that will show him!

In a letter to Kim Jong-un published by The Guardian, Kirby told him that the full text of the report of the Commission of Inquiry will be presented to the Human Rights Council in Geneva and that the UN will refer the situation in his country to the International Criminal Court "to render accountable all those, including possibly yourself, who may be responsible for the crimes against humanity referred to in this letter and in the Commission's report."

North Korea refused to cooperate with the Commission, nor allow any investigators to visit the country or provide any information to the inquiry.

North Korea's diplomatic mission in Geneva immediately rejected the Commission's findings, calling them "a product of politicization of human rights on the part of EU and Japan in alliance with the US hostile policy."

This is is one of the most meaningless, futile gestures the UN has ever proposed. No one is going to make North Korea accountable for its crimes against humanity, least of all the UN which allows China and Russia - North Korea's backers - to sit permanently on its security council. Kim Jong-Un is as frightened of this allegedly strongly worded letter as Putin is of the athletes who threatened to shake him down during the Winter Games. It would be a farce if it weren't so tragic.

Speaking of Third World hellholes:

India, the second-largest exporter of over-the-counter and prescription drugs to the United States, is coming under increased scrutiny by American regulators for safety lapses, falsified drug test results and selling fake medicines. ...

“China is the source of some of the largest counterfeit manufacturing operations that we find globally,” said John P. Clark, Pfizer’s chief security officer, who added that Chinese authorities were cooperative.

Using its new revenues, the F.D.A. tried to bolster its staff in China in February 2012. But the Chinese government has so far failed to provide the necessary visas despite an announced agreement in December 2013 during a visit by Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., said Erica Jefferson, an F.D.A. spokeswoman.

The United States has become so dependent on Chinese imports, however, that the F.D.A. may not be able to do much about the Chinese refusal. The crucial ingredients for nearly all antibiotics, steroids and many other lifesaving drugs are now made exclusively in China.
We don't have to trade with China.

Back to the Korean Peninsula...

South Korea is one of the least kosher countries on the planet:

A Twitter account associated with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood on Sunday reported that a deadly explosion in Taba killed three “Zionists,” making no mention of the fact that the casualties were in fact South Korean.

One of the dead was the bus’s Egyptian driver, while the rest of the victims were members of a Korean Christian tour group from the east Asian country’s North Chungcheong Province.

In their haste to be the Un-Zionist, these guys fail to distinguish between Israeli and East Asian.


What hate crime?

But the false narrative is the primary weapon in the arsenal of the progressive. Maybe it’s their only weapon. In no area is this more pronounced or prevalent than in the realm of “gay rights.” The gay rights movement is built on mischaracterizations, fabrications, and outright lies. They don’t always come up with the lie — this one originated as nothing more than a radio station’s cheap publicity stunt — but they will use it for their benefit. ...

This incident happens only a couple of months after a lesbian waitress in New Jersey took to the internet to complain about an anti-gay note left on a receipt. The note said: “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle.” In the surprise twist ending that was neither surprising nor twisty, it eventually came out that the whole thing was a hoax. The waitress made it up.

There are homosexuals being hanged in Iran and there are bachi boys in Afghanistan. Will anyone say anything about these things? No? It's much easier to make knee-jerk reactions about things that never happened? Okay....

To be clear: Michael Mann is the creator of the faulty "hockey stick" graph that purports to show "global warming". It has since been debunked.

What Mark Steyn actually said:

Not sure I’d have extended that metaphor all the way into the locker-room showers with quite the zeal Mr Simberg does, but he has a point. Michael Mann was the man behind the fraudulent climate-change “hockey-stick” graph, the very ringmaster of the tree-ring circus. And, when the East Anglia emails came out, Penn State felt obliged to “investigate” Professor Mann. Graham Spanier, the Penn State president forced to resign over Sandusky, was the same cove who investigated Mann. And, as with Sandusky and Paterno, the college declined to find one of its star names guilty of any wrongdoing.

If an institution is prepared to cover up systemic statutory rape of minors, what won’t it cover up? Whether or not he’s “the Jerry Sandusky of climate change”, he remains the Michael Mann of climate change, in part because his “investigation” by a deeply corrupt administration was a joke.  

Mark Steyn is fearless, not reckless. That makes hacky op-eds like this deceptive pieces of rubbish. This is not an attack on science nor is it holding to account one who deliberately and perennially makes off-the-cuff, thoughtless statements.  Mann is not a victim of "spurious attacks" as the writer claims but of legitimate scientific criticism from those in the know and from those who have every right to call into question his so-called conclusions and even quote those who do likewise.

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