Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mid-Week Post

The silver lining of the work-week....

A Canadian embassy in Ukraine has been shut down after being breached by anti-government protesters:

A handful of anti-government protesters have taken shelter inside the Canadian embassy in Ukraine's capital after riot police barged into a large opposition camp with stun grenades and water cannons.

Fewer than a dozen protesters sought refuge Tuesday in the reception area of the embassy in Kyiv to escape the violent crackdown.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird's office says they are peaceful and have not caused any damage or harm to staff.

It's a lamentable situation Ukraine is in. On one hand, they want the security they think the EU can provide. On the other, Russia looms over them again.

This will not end well.

Related: just as with Iran, the US abandons Ukraine:

As the streets burn in Ukraine, and with police cracking down on opposition protesters, Vice President Joe Biden, who has been handed the unpleasant Ukrainian situation to handle, called up Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich to express “grave concern” over the situation. He also told Yanukovich that the “United States condemns violence by any side, but that the government bears special responsibility to de-escalate the situation.” Jay Carney reiterated that message at the White House, stating, “We continue to condemn street violence and excessive use of force by either side. 

Force will not resolve the crisis.”

Then the White House went further on Wednesday: White House Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes explained, according to Reuters, that “the United States would like to see Russia support efforts to reduce tensions in Ukraine.”

Of course they did:

According to The New York Times, China rebuffed the idea proposed by the Human Rights Council of potentially bringing Kim Jong-Un to trial at the Hague for crimes against humanity. Calling the harrowing details in the UN's latest report on the matter "unreasonable criticism," a spokesperson for the Chinese government disagreed with the idea of "politicizing human rights issues" and flat-out rejected the entire idea of the International Criminal Court: "We believe that taking human rights issues to the International Criminal Court is not helpful to improving a country’s human rights situation.”

Don't like that spotlight, eh, China? Birds of a feather forcibly repatriate defectors together.

Liberal voters, try this little experiment: pretend you're members of the American middle-class (after all, Justin Trudeau thinks you are). Though hardly cruising through life like some trust-fund babies whose dads were, let's say, prime ministers, you are more than likely to be gainfully employed, pull in more money and your government and banks don't do whacky things like hand out loans to people who can never pay them back.

On with the experiment...

Confuse your incomes and assets. Yes, assets are obtained with incomes you are now earning or have earned but Justin doesn't know that. Also imagine that your household budget doesn't need monitoring or tweaking at all. Imagine you will always have the money you need to pay for important things so you don't need to plan a budget or pay off bills or anything. This will just happen.

Try living this way for a week. Have you saved any money? Are you behind in paying your bills? Are you like the lotus-eating Nancy Pelosi who believes that Obamacare subsidies and unemployment will let one pursue one's artistic passions, rather like Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek but with far fewer holodecks and transporters? Or have you started freaking out and resumed a life of right-headed fiscal responsibility?

We have, so to speak, the luxury of having had two vantage points.  We've seen the damage the Pere has inflicted on Canada and we've seen from down south the damage an unvetted, useless narcissist can do to not just the American economy but the world. We cannot make the same mistake in Canada or North America is screwed.

(Merci beaucoup)

A fine example of why universities should be completely de-funded, why political correctness belongs in the dustbin of history and how not vetting a useless empty-suit creates a dangerous cult-of-personality:

The GIF has made its way around the Internet, because there is something amusing about a usually reserved president storming out of a press conference and nearly knocking a door off its hinges.

There is also apparently something a little racist about it, because it is a black man shown acting aggressively. A complaint was filed against Farnan and, under SSMU's equity policy, he was forced to apologize for perpetuating a microaggression.

For those who have never heard that term, microaggression refers to insensitive comments or actions made against those of a different race, culture or gender. These aren't outright incidents of racism, but the tepid and often accidental moments and comments that just don't sit right. By definition, almost anything could be considered an act of microaggression.

Apparently, posting an image of Obama kicking down a door fit the bill. Had it been Stephen Harper kicking down that door, Farnan might have been in the clear.

It's called a joke and at one time people could tell them and have a laugh. It was a part of the human condition. Now, anything and everything is racist, even poking fun at a vain African dictator who is more adept at hitting the links than he is at governing. Furthermore, a forced apology is never a sincere one. What exactly was accomplished with this, aside from the neurotic hand-wringing of the usual suspects?

It was bound to happen some time:

A proper little flap has developed over Rex Murphy, CBC News's dome-headed commentator and radio call-in host.

Critics are calling out the Newfoundlander, alleging a conflict of interest between his role as a freelance pundit for the public broadcaster and his paid speaking gigs before audiences of energy industry bigwigs.

The CBC is backing Murphy but the Vancouver Observer reports the corporation is looking at new rules requiring freelancers like Murphy to disclose their speaking fees.

That's right- Rex Murphy is a stooge and a double-agent. Whatever one does, don't pay attention to the paid troublemakers in "green" grievance industry.

 And now, cutting boards for the scientific cook.


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