Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The World Is Taking Stupid Pills

The crazy pills just weren't doing the trick anymore.

Justin Trudeau hates the new budget but no one has told him why he hates it yet.

Premier Wynne's AMA went swimmingly bad:

What was the point of doing this? Was it to prove that you're completely out of touch with people 20-35 because if so, you succeeded brilliantly. 10 questions is pathetic. If you can't answer 100 questions (which represent 7.4% of questions asked as I write this) in ~60 min, then don't bother coming back on the internet.
If you ignored the people helping you to do this AMA, then it's your own fault. If some PR person coached you and told you to just do 10 questions and bail before 60 mins were up, then they don't understand Reddit and they should not be getting tax payer money to scam the Primier of Ontario into doing something that makes Canadians look like idiots.

(paws up)

People are @$$holes:

A three-month-old baby with an imposing name is making history in British Columbia by becoming the province's first child with three official parents.

But Della Wolf Kangro Wiley Richards is by no means alone in the world of three-pronged family trees. In fact, it may be just a matter of time before children with three biological parents walk among us.

What will be left of this poor kid after her "parents" are done using her as their little experiment/finger-to-society? There is nothing "lucky" for this child, hack writer.

Crack pipe vending machines? What could possibly go wrong with that?

Apparently, it would kill Japan to admit their wrong doings before "comfort women" (some only children) pass away:

A single picture captures the regret, shame and rage that Kim Gun-ja has harboured through most of her 89 years. Dressed in a long white wedding gown, she carries a bouquet of red flowers and stares at the camera, her deep wrinkles obscured by makeup and a diaphanous veil.

A local company arranged wedding-style photo shoots as gifts for Kim and other elderly women at the House of Sharing, a museum and nursing home for South Koreans forced into brothels by Japan during World War II. Kim and many of the other women never married, giving the pictures a measure of bitterness.

"That could have been my life: Meet a man, get married, have children, have grandchildren," Kim said in her small, tidy room at the nursing home south of Seoul. "But it never happened. It could never be."

(Sidebar: one should not forget about the Korean involvement in procuring these "comfort women" and how abysmally some of these women were treated upon their return.)

Japanese soldiers stole her youth, she says, and now, "The Japanese are waiting for us to die."

There are only 55 women left who registered with the South Korean government as former sex slaves from the war — down from a peak of more than 230. Their average age is 88.

As their numbers dwindle and a rising Japanese nationalism provokes anger from war victims in South Korea and China, the 10 women who live at the House of Sharing know they're running out of time to pressure Tokyo to make amends.

Yes, the human race has lowered another bar for itself.

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