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What lovely weather we're having!

Does Stephen Harper want to lose the election?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has agreed to a G7 commitment to deep cuts in carbon emissions by 2050 — with an eventual stop in the use of fossil fuels by the end of the century.

The call for a low-carbon footprint will "require a transformation in our energy sectors," Harper said Monday at a news conference in Germany, following the two-day G7 summit.

"Nobody's going to start to shut down their industries or turn off the lights," he said. "We've simply got to find a way to create lower-carbon emitting sources of energy — and that work is ongoing."

Canada and Japan blocked attempts at a stronger statement on binding greenhouse gas reduction targets, according to The Canadian Press sources who saw a working draft of the G7 communiqué, which was released today as the summit wrapped up.

"We emphasize that deep cuts in global greenhouse gas emissions are required with a decarbonization of the global economy over the course of this century," the G7 leaders said in their final communiqué.

First of all, how is carbon- of which a good deal of things on Earth are made- a pollutant? It isn't. Calling it a pollutant is a ploy and an obstructive one especially if your lucrative oil sands are seen as a source of pollution by some wealthy players here and abroad.

Stephen Harper is playing a stupid game in attempting to appease these groups and individuals. Even those who buy into the ideology are motivated by money. Harper's best bet is to support the economy, not satisfy the whims of the naive or duplicitous.

How embarrassing:

Culture matters:

The Department of Foreign Affairs says it is assisting two Canadians barred from leaving Malaysia, amid reports that the pair could be charged after allegedly posing naked atop the country's highest peak.

I would leave them there. These people aren't Zahra Kazemi or Kevin Garratt. They're idiots who think rules do not apply to them.

How shocked they must be to find out that they do.

Once again, political multiculturalism is a fallacy embraced by largely ignorant dilettantes who believe that prior sanctimony absolves them from proper conduct or even shame. It is more absurd than believing nudity would cause tectonic plates to move.

Get stuffed, Mulcair:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is being urged to take advantage of an audience with Pope Francis this week to seek a formal apology for the role the Roman Catholic Church played in Canada's residential school disgrace.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says the timing of Harper's visit to the Vatican is fortuitous, coming just one week after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission called on the pope to travel to Canada to issue an apology.

Mulcair says Harper should ask Pope Francis if he'd be willing to do so.
Maybe the pious political masses should apologise for foisting outmoded socio-cultural delusions on the majority that will not only be expensive but also futile and smack of paternalistic racism just so it can keep the victimhood industry alive. God forbid aboriginals should adapt to the twenty-first century. If they have big-screen TVs and SUVs, they already have and this forced march exercise is pointless.

Obama does not want ISIS defeated:

Ten months since the start of the American-led intervention against ISIS in Iraq, President Obama said today that the United States does not have a "complete strategy" to defeat ISIS and stem the group's rise in Syria and Iraq. 

I'll call it again. The man who walked away from reporters after half-heartedly announcing James Foley's death to play golf does not want ISIS, the Islamist group that rapes children, murders Christians and Yazidis, destroys artefacts and controls much of Syria and Iraq, defeated:

"Like the Islamic State, Iran has also built an impressive capacity to operate on several fronts at once and display the strength of its logistics," the note states. "Iran has not only provided arms and money to the Iraqi and Syrian governments, it has also supplied military force, and it has done so in a way that is likely to ensure its influence in the region at least for as long as the Islamic State survives."

For this reason, Iran might not want to completely extinguish ISIS in Iraq and Syria, according to former US Army intelligence officer Michael Pregent.

Pregent told Business Insider in April that, while Iran wants to preserve its proxies' control over Baghdad and Damascus, Iran has something to gain from allowing ISIS to continue operating in some other areas. 

As long as ISIS survives, Iran can claim that their allies in both countries are the only thing preventing a jihadist takeover, which ensures Tehran's hold on Baghdad and Damascus and provides Iran a degree of international support for their allies in both countries.
A de-stabilised Middle East and a destroyed Israel might be a good day's work for the Lazy Man in the White House.

And now, why children should be made to wash their hands and things about STNG movies you might not know.

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