Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Shooting Dogs

Have you seen the film, "Shooting Dogs"?

Sure you have.

Taking place in the backdrop of the genocides in Rwanda, the film tells the story of a priest and a writer  trapped in a school with thousands of refugees who face certain death once the Belgian UN peacekeepers leave.

Without giving away too much (if one has not seen it- and one must), the Belgian captain asks the priest if he can do something about the dogs eating the massacred corpses at the school's gates. Angrily, the priest snaps that the captain should do something about preventing corpses in the first place.

And now we have this:

Women raped and impregnated by terrorist captors are being denied overseas help to get abortions because of federal red tape in the US government. ...

The 42-year-old federal law forbids US aid money being used for abortion “as a method of family planning or to motivate or coerce any person to practice abortion.” 

So the problem isn't that abortion will kill off Yazidi offspring, that "women's healthcare" is just a euphemism for abortion or that ISIS is essentially a large rape gang that targets women and children and should therefore be vapourised, it's that the Americans are big, old meanies for not funding abortion to begin with.

This is further evidence of the insanity and moral disconnect of the left. It is easier, it seems, to attack a Western democracy than it is a roving band of child rapists. Plus, one gets the support for abortion, too.

Let's forget about those dogs feasting on cadavers at the gates.

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