Thursday, June 11, 2015

And Now For Something Completely Different


This dog isn't angry. He's just very, very disappointed.

And here are the pictures to prove it:

Anuko is none too thrilled with his owner's fake ball toss (Twitter/@JasmineMilton)

Once more, dogs prove that they are man's best friend:

A service dog becomes a local hero after jumping in front of a bus to protect his blind owner.

The golden retriever named Figo and his owner, Aubrey Stone, who is visually impaired, were crossing a street in Brewster, N.Y. on Monday morning when a school bus carrying children rushed toward them.

At the scene, witnesses said the dog jumped in front of the moving vehicle. 

“The dog took a bit of a blow,” Brewster Police Chief John Del Gardo told Journal News. “And he did not want to leave her side. He stood right with her. He was there to save her.”

A baby koala remains with its mother even during surgery:

A six-month old koala named Phantom was in his mother’s pouch when they were struck by a car on a highway west of Brisbane, Australia, according to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

Remarkably, baby Phantom — who weighs only 420 grams — wasn’t injured during the accident but his mother, Lizzy, suffered a collapsed lung. 

In an incredibly touching turn of events, Phantom clung to his mother, never leaving her side as she underwent surgery at the hospital.

During the entire operation, the baby koala tightly cuddled his unconscious mother.

It's always good to have lighter news in a world that is both confusing and chaotic.

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