Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Post

On this, the second day of summer...

The Taliban attacked the Afghan parliament building:

The Taliban launched a complex attack on the Afghan parliament Monday, with a suicide car bomber striking at the entrance and gunmen battling police as lawmakers were meeting inside to confirm the appointment of a defence minister, police and witnesses said.

Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said the attack began with a car bomb explosion near the entrance. Gunmen then attempted to storm the compound but were pushed back by security forces and eventually took refuge in a nearby building under construction, he said.

Sediqqi later said all seven attackers were killed by police. He said no members of parliament were wounded in the incident. "It is over now," he said.

Health Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ismail Kahousi said 18 civilians were wounded, including two women and two children.

Sidiqa Mubarez, a member of parliament, said the building was rocked by a large explosion and that some people were wounded by flying glass. She said the explosion happened shortly after Masoom Stanekzai had arrived to be confirmed as defence minister, a post that has been vacant for nine months.

The Taliban said in a statement that they carried out a suicide bombing outside parliament.

The left, being irrational and completely without perspective, would attack Harper even if he handed them everything they wanted on a silver platter. Obviously Stephen Harper is not Hitler or anything like him. Making such comparisons is beyond childish. If one really wanted to hit leftist unions where they live, demand they be completely transparent and turn over their accounts. Then watch as they turn purple:

Conservatives have formed a political action committee to counter attacks against Prime Minister Stephen Harper from progressive groups and labour unions.

A group of former ministerial aides have created HarperPAC, a vehicle that allows Conservatives to raise and spend money beyond the limits and disclosure rules imposed on political parties.

HarperPAC is a direct response to Engage Canada, a group of veteran Liberal and NDP strategists who have been collecting money from unions and other groups to run a concerted campaign against Harper's re-election.

Engage Canada's first television ad began running earlier this month, asserting that income inequality has skyrocketed under Harper and that his Conservatives "won't be there for you."

HarperPAC spokesperson Stephen Taylor says his group is needed to counter what he calls the "tide of cash from professional leftist agitators and big union bosses" aiming to take down the Harper government.

The one simple thing Ontario parents could have done to avoid this awful sex education program was to never let Kathleen Wynne back into office:
Concerned Ontarians who come from all walks of life, have been attending protests to make their concerns known, but they are all dismissed by the Premier as homophobic and by Education Minister Sandal as "misinformed".

This disdain for parents' legitimate concerns explains why more of them are opting for alternatives to the public education system.

For your pre-Canada Day enjoyment, watch as people struggle through a Canadian history quiz:

Okay, so why isn't Canadian history taught?

Oh, yeah- no student can fail a grade.


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