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A man is beheaded in France:

A terror suspect has been arrested for beheading his boss and setting off an explosion at a chemical factory in France, prosecutors say.

The victim's severed head had Arabic writing scrawled across it and was found on a fence next to two jihadi banners at the premises in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier in southeastern France.

Yassin Salhi, 35, drove a delivery van into gas canisters at the factory, triggering the explosion, prosecutors said.

He was apprehended at the scene by a firefighter.

His sister, wife and one other individual have since been arrested.

Salhi, a father-of-three, worked for the 55-year-old victim, who was in charge of a local transportation company.

The attack happened shortly before a gunman killed tourists, including Britons, at a Tunisian resort popular and a mosque was blown up in Kuwait .

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As usual, this has nothing to do with Islam.

If joining unions is mandatory and if unions take union dues and use them for political purposes then yes, they should disclose their records:

Bill C-377 has been stalled for days as Liberal senators conduct a filibuster they're prepared to continue, if necessary, until Parliament is dissolved for this fall's election, thereby killing the legislation.

But on Thursday, the government's deputy leader in the Senate, Yonah Martin, gave notice of a motion aimed at cutting off debate and forcing a final vote on the bill, likely early next week.

However, Senate rules allow the government to limit debate only on government business, not on private member's bills such as the union disclosure bill. ...
Hassan Yussuf, president of the Canadian Labour Congress, blasted the Conservatives for throwing the rules out the window in their zeal to pursue what he deemed an ideological vendetta against labour unions.

"They have no intention of abiding by any rules. They make the rules up as they go along," Yussuf said in an interview, adding that the latest turn of events "speaks volumes (about) the hatred and venom which this government spews every day" against labour unions.

The bill would require unions to publicly disclose any spending of $5,000 or more and any salary of more than $100,000. It's been widely denounced as undemocratic and an invasion of privacy.

I would regard any attempt to support unions' mafia-like control a "vendetta" against the Canadian people who must bear the consequences of the labour unions' political actions.

Case in point:

Who put Kathleen Wynne into office?

Who has offered no support for mentally disabled children?

In Ontario, parents of children with autism face long waiting lists for special education programs and extraordinary bills, all while navigating a system that, to this day, remains remarkably deficient in light of the demands placed upon it.

It’s a reality that Serena Thompson knows all too well through her experiences with her son, Daniel, who has autism. “When your child is diagnosed with autism (in Ontario), you’re given a diagnosis and then just sort of sent on your way,” she says. “That diagnosis changed everything for us.”

She describes having to push hard to get her son seen by a developmental pediatrician. “(The doctor) spent about 40 minutes with my son and I, and on a piece of paper wrote, ‘ABA Therapy, the Hanen Program, Early Intervention,’” she recalls. “He said, ‘Look into those things and I will forward a report off to your doctor.’ ...

It was through their own research that Thompson and her husband found a therapist to work with Daniel at home, then placed him into a therapy centre. The cost to put him there was $7,000/month, which was paid for entirely out-of-pocket. Government assistance is available for families with autistic children; however, it is severely limited, with waiting lists as long as three years or more . And while Queen’s Park has pledged $800 million to address the backlog, there’s still a long way to go.

And if this slight and waiting times for treatment seem too long, wait until one sees how Premier Kathleen Wynne feels about this:

Premier Kathleen Wynne says the lengthy wait times transgender people in Ontario face for gender reassignment surgeries are "of concern."

That's right. If your kid has autism or you require treatment to prolong your life, you can go fornicate yourself with an iron stick as far as the Ontario government and their supporters are concerned. Kathleen Wynne and everyone who voted for her don't care. Non-essential services for people who are clearly mentally ill take precedence over people who genuinely need help.

This is why things like union transparency laws matter. Any union who would support a person like Kathleen Wynne is part of the problem and it's time that they stop.

If one is stupid enough to stay in an area without clean water for seventeen years when one lives in a First World country and could have left at any time, sympathy is not what you need:

Shoal Lake 40 First Nation, which provides Winnipeg with water through an aqueduct, has been under a boil-water advisory for 17 years. Chuck Wright said it’s time Winnipeg residents learned more about the cost of their drinking water.

Is it right to have filthy water in a First World country? No. Is right to whine until someone you hate fixes your problem? Also no.

On the sixty-fifth anniversary of the Korean War- started when Soviet and Chinese-backed North Korea invaded South Korea- Kim Jong-Un calls on brainwashed loyal North Koreans to rally against the "fatty" Americans:

North Korea marked the 65th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War on Thursday with a 100,000-strong rally in Pyongyang's Kim Il Sung Stadium, and a statement condemning the "fatty monster US imperialists". 
The "Pyongyang Mass Rally on the Day of the Struggle Against the US," was a carefully orchestrated display of angry speeches, fist-pumping and calls for blood revenge. 

Anything to distract the starving masses from the troubles at home, I suppose.

Eric Cartman
Not fatty, just big-boned.

(Paws up)

The word is きんたま :

A Japanese military patrol plane circled over disputed parts of the South China Sea on Tuesday at the start of an exercise with the Philippine military that has irked China.

According to Japanese and Philippine officials, the Japanese P3-C Orion surveillance plane, with three Filipino guest crew members, flew at 5,000 feet (1,524 m) above the edge of Reed Bank, an energy-rich area that is claimed by both China and the Philippines. It was accompanied by a smaller Philippine patrol aircraft.

The disputed waters are close to the Spratly Islands, which the Philippines also claims, where China is building a series of man-made islands. 

"We practiced search and rescue patterns, which are essential in any humanitarian assistance and disaster response operations," Marine Colonel Jonas Lumawag said at Puerta Princesa International Airport on Palawan island, the operations base for the drill 50 miles (80 km) to the west. 

"This is our first time here and also with this kind of activity with the Philippines," Maritime Self Defense Force Commander Hiromi Hamano, head of the Japanese navy contingent, said after the P3-C returned to Palawan.

Japan's presence in what it considers international waters may be seen by Beijing as tacit support for ownership claims made by the Philippines.

Who would have thought that Japan and the Philippines could ever co-operate?

It must have been something the Chinese said and did.

Right on!

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