Thursday, June 30, 2016

Canada Week: Canada Day Eve

One hundred and forty-nine years ago, when the four provinces that comprised the Dominion of Canada were finally joined, none of the parties ever envisioned the country becoming morass of corruption and complete idiocy.

Cases in point:

The Americans stupidly gave Obama a total of eight years - two four-year terms - to destroy their country and Canada's political elite gush that they would like four more years of unemployment, empowerment of mad theocratic states like Iran, American embassies destroyed and diplomats murdered, uncontrolled immigration and racial strife:

It's not every day that the crowd's reaction to a speech becomes a story — yet Canadian politicians might have achieved just that with their rapturous response to U.S. President Barack Obama.

At the daily White House briefing Thursday, a presidential spokesman was asked about Canadian MPs' boisterous applause and playful campaign-style chants of "Four more years!" as the soon-departing president addressed Parliament.

"I noticed that," Obama spokesman Josh Earnest replied.

"I'm sure that he did (too)."

(Sidebar: yes, I bet he did, lick-spittle.)

But who is more stupid: the politicians or people who vote for them?


Had this been a Christian college, this sort of thing would be all over the news:

This week, in a series of videos, I’ve been sharing details surrounding a story we’ve uncovered out of Fredericton High School in New Brunswick.

After receiving a tip -- alleging Syrian migrant men in their twenties are attending a Canadian school, hitting on fourteen-year old girls, and demonstrating aggression towards their younger male peers -- we filed a freedom of information request.

We received over 2700 pages of teacher email interactions, student surveys, and relevant staff materials from Fredericton High School.  ...

It’s been four days since we first aired our story. We’ve begged our friends in the mainstream media to school us before tonight’s show. These are organizations with hundreds, if not thousands of employees — many, with resources right there on the ground in Fredericton.

As of this evening, not a single Canadian media organization picked up our story.

And this is why people would rather go to other sources for news and why major news agencies belong in the dustbin of history.

Enormous amounts of praise for Faith Goldy for having the gumption to follow this thing through and letting those who will listen be aware. People who genuinely want to be a part of civilised society don't intimate and threaten others.

One promise Trudeau was sure to keep:

A Canadian court has overturned the approval of Enbridge Inc's (Toronto:ENB.TO - News) Northern Gateway oil pipeline, adding another steep obstacle to a project fiercely opposed by environmentalists and many aboriginal groups.

The Federal Court of Appeal ruled in a 2-to-1 decision released on Thursday that the government had failed in its duty to consult with aboriginal groups on the project and sent the matter back to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's cabinet for a "prompt redetermination."

Oh, surely, he'll give an opinion of swift approval of pipelines that provide much needed jobs and energy.

Stick a fork in Ontario:

Ontario announced Wednesday that it will introduce gender-neutral driver’s licences and health cards beginning early next year.

In 2017, people will be able to select M (male), F (female) or X (gender-neutral) for their identification cards issued by the province.

The move follows another that began June 13 when Ontario began issuing health cards that didn’t show a person’s sex or gender on the front. Cardholders will receive a new card that doesn’t indicate a sex designation the next time their Ontario health card is renewed. A new card can be issued earlier through Service Ontario.

“The Ministry of Transportation is considering ways to reduce the risks and impacts that the holder of a gender-neutral licence may face,” the policy announcement said. “This includes working with law enforcement agencies and licence-issuing authorities across North America to raise awareness about the changes to the Ontario driver’s licence.”

Public consultations will be launched this summer to develop policies on the collection, display and use of sex and gender information on government forms and products, the announcement said.

When this comes into effect, I am going to demand that they list me as a helicopter and then, after they've gone through the trouble of printing up a card, I will throw it back and tell them to change it again.

It's my right!

 NAFTA benefits those who would exploit cheap Mexican labour:

Canada, the United States and Mexico on Wednesday mounted a fierce defence of free trade, vowing to deepen economic ties despite an increasingly acrimonious debate about the value of globalisation.

But doesn't killing these guys off show everyone how weak they are and thereby make them win?

U.S.-led coalition aircraft waged a series of deadly strikes against Islamic State around the city of Falluja on Wednesday, U.S. officials told Reuters, with one citing a preliminary estimate of at least 250 suspected fighters killed and at least 40 vehicles destroyed.

That sound you hear is Sir John A. MacDonald spinning in his grave.

You don't say:

An openly gay YouTube star claiming to be the target of a hate crime may have faked his own assault.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said Tuesday that Calum McSwiggan’s claims of assault were unsubstantiated and that he injured himself in prison after being arrested on suspicion of vandalism.

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