Thursday, June 02, 2016

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The NDP has, for now, stymied Liberal efforts to rule unilaterally:

Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef announced two major concessions Thursday, one of which was to give up the Liberal majority on the all-party committee that is to explore alternative voting systems.

Monsef also opened the door to an eventual referendum, leaving it up to the committee to advise on the best way to consult Canadians on whatever alternative it winds up recommending.

It was a significant change of heart for the Liberals, who've been pilloried for their insistence on retaining the government's traditional majority on the committee and for refusing to commit to a referendum.

Opposition parties have accused the government of stacking the deck to ensure the committee ends up recommending a ranked-ballot system, which Trudeau has indicated in the past is his personal preference and which opponents maintain would unfairly boost the Liberals' chances of re-election.

China, Trudeau's favourite country, human-rights abuser, currency-fixer and all-around global bully, let its foreign minister scream at a reporter (not that reporters don't deserve contempt because they do) and Israel's un-friend, Stephane Dion, let it happen:

As it was, Dion simply looked on and said nothing as Wang berated iPolitics reporter Amanda Connolly for asking a perfectly reasonable question (agreed to with journalists from other media outlets present) about China’s atrocious human rights record — specifically the disappearance of several Hong Kong booksellers, and the arrest and detention of Canadian Kevin Garratt on espionage charges. His wife Judy was also arrested, but later released. 

For the record, here is exactly what Connolly asked: “There are no shortage of concerns about China’s treatment of human rights advocates, such as the Hong Kong booksellers, and its detention of the Garratts, not to mention the destabilizing effects of its territorial ambitions in the South China Sea. 
Given these concerns, why is Canada pursuing closer ties with China, how do you plan to use that relationship to improve human rights and security in the region, and did you specifically raise the case of the Garratts during your talks?”

Wang told Connolly her question was full of prejudice and arrogance and was “unacceptable.”
At this point, the honourable thing for Dion to do would have been to remind Wang that Canada is a democracy in which journalists have the right to ask whatever they damn well please.

Okay, Canadians and popular press, do you get it now? The government you love to bits stood by and let you get whipped by a country that puts its baby girls in buckets of ice water and sails into territorial waters with impunity.

When (God willing) all the other Asian nations, including nuclear power India, form a pan-Asian alliance, how quick will Trudeau declare his undying love for the paper tiger?

Trudeau probably hates this guy.

After decades of eroding the bonds of marriage, the importance of families, the separate yet important roles of mothers and fathers and how a child raised in a stable household of a married mother and father who impart proper values onto their children will turn out okay, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has decided to drive the final nail into the coffin of the traditional family:

As they currently stand, Ontario laws state that only the birth mother and her live-in male partner or a biological male father are immediately recognized as parents. That means that parents who fall outside that classification — for example, women in a same-sex partnership who did not carry the baby or trans men — must go through the long and expensive legal process of adopting their own children.

While this may appease the beardy-weirdies who can't decide whether or not they are boys or girls or those who publicly insist, without scientific basis, that sexual preference is fixed but gender is fluid, how does the majority feel about it?

I guess one can't tell because they are nowhere to be seen on Queen's Park or at the House of Commons. Canadians are an insulated and insular people, protected from themselves always by governments, foreign and domestic. Canadians see these governments as things that grant them what is good for them as opposed to elected bodies that safeguard rights they should already have. Canadians, therefore, don't complain when these rights disappear.

I would still like to know where these parents are and why they aren't even the slightest bit perturbed that their distinct roles of mother and father can disappear at the stroke of a pen.Whee are these broads who whip off their tops and take selfies of their nursing children? Where are these women who demand both equal pay AND maternity leave? Where are these deadbeat dads and stroller dads?

People who don't realise how damn lucky they are not to be thrown off of roofs have decided to redefine and therefore eliminate motherhood and fatherhood aren't just planting themselves in your face, they are making the rules for you so that they can carry on with their social experiments.

Aren't you pi$$ed off?

And now, Lithuania crowns its fastest toddler and Japanese log-racing:

Onbashira Matsuri, Japan from OH! MATSURi on Vimeo.

Dude, that is extreme!

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