Monday, January 30, 2017

Faux Outrage

In a way, leftists/liberals are very much like peacocks. They swish their bright feathers to attract others.

Check this out.

In the era of identity politics and feelings instead of sensible action, nothing is more attention-getting than false outrage.

The warmth of feeling superior and indignant while pontificating about things one knows not fuels the virtue-signalling masses for future outrages, tantrums and periods of superiority.

It beats critical thinking, solid action or just getting on with things.

Case in point: last night's shooting at a mosque in Quebec City.

Dreadful stuff.

Normally, people who hold that Western civilisation is the civilisation are appalled at such things because shooting people is just not the done thing unless one is an inveterate criminal or terrorist.

That nasty little word people are loathe to utter.

That is why the Fort Hood shootings were "workplace violence" and the club massacre in Florida is based on anything but Islamist terrorism.

And these are drops in the bucket in terms of Islamist violence. One could go on all day about the situation in Europe.

But I digress slightly...

Trudeau, thinking that he needs to wear his big-boy pants now, pretended to be leader and gave this statement:

"To the more than 1 million Canadians who profess the Muslim faith, I want to say directly: we are with you; 36 million hearts are breaking with yours," Trudeau said.

Speak for yourself, Mr. China-is-Awesome/Honour-Killings-Aren't-Barbaric/Parkas-for-Yazidi-Kids-Who-Will-Never-Make-It-to-Canada/Saving-Iraqi-Christians-Is-Disgusting/The-Chinese-Own-Me/Aga-Khan-Is-the-New-AdScam/I-Troll-Mosques-For-Votes.

Hell, these shootings could not have come at a better time. They are so distracting, not just PM Hair-Boy but for everyone whose favourite whipping boy can blamed for practically anything.

I don't recall the left's outrage when Muslims killed their co-religionists in those far away countries in which battles are not supposed to be fought.

Indeed, when a civil shop-owner is murdered, where is the outrage?

When Bangladeshi atheists find themselves hacked to death, are there angry speeches at award shows?

There is plenty of venom for Israel but little sympathy for the Jews there.

When Coptic Christians attend midnight Mass and then get killed for it, how many people take to the streets?

The best anyone could do for kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls was a hashtag.

A hashtag.

Where is the selective outrage for any of the above? How badly can you feel for people you didn't know existed until Trump instituted a ban? What about the culture of these "innocents" makes sense to a post-modern resident of a civilisation that allowed him or her the sloth to feel nothing at all unless told to?

While everyone still wallows in their feelings and this shooting goes so far down the memory hole that even the culprits forget, what will the preening peacocks feel then?

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