Tuesday, January 03, 2017

On a Tuesday

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Today's average price of gas in Ontario was 111.891 and going higher.

You voted for it, Ontario!

The Most Interesting Cat in the World meme

Where was the "post-national" prime minister on New Year's Day, the one who was going to put Canada back on the map?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau flew his family to The Bahamas to ring in 2017, leaving behind a videotaped message asking Canadians to join in “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity … together” as the federal government kicked off celebrations for the country’s 150th anniversary.

The wife of the terrorist who allegedly killed thirty-nine people in Turkey claims that she had no idea that he supported ISIS:

A woman identified by Turkish media as the wife of the Istanbul nightclub massacre suspect has told police she did not know her husband was a member of the Islamic State group.

Turkish police released a statement by the wife, who told investigators she only learned out about the attack on television, Hurriyet said on its online edition Tuesday.

The gunman flew to Istanbul from Kyrgyzstan with his wife and children on Nov. 20, media reports say.
From there they drove via the Turkish capital, Ankara, before arriving in Konya on Nov. 22.

The family rented a studio in Konya, paying three months of rent upfront. The gunman told the estate agent he had arrived in Konya in search of work, according to the report. ...

The woman was detained in the central town of Konya as part of the investigation and told police she did not know her husband was an ISIL sympathizer. Neither she nor her husband has been identified.

Oh, really?

Why would anyone be surprised?

United Nations observers are in hot water in Colombia over a video showing them dancing with leftist rebels while deployed to watch over the guerrillas as part of a peace deal.

Trump is wasting no time putting his plans in motion:

The most powerful and ambitious Republican-led Congress in 20 years will convene Tuesday, with plans to leave its mark on virtually every facet of American life — refashioning the country’s social safety net, wiping out scores of labor and environmental regulations and unraveling some of the most significant policy prescriptions put forward by the Obama administration.

Even before President-elect Donald Trump is sworn in on Jan. 20, giving their party full control of the government, Republicans plan quick action on several of their top priorities — most notably a measure to clear a path for the Affordable Care Act’s repeal. Perhaps the first thing that will happen in the new Congress is the push for deregulation. Also up early: filling a long-vacant Supreme Court seat, which is sure to set off a pitched showdown, and starting confirmation hearings for Trump’s Cabinet nominees.

I would be glad to see Obama's legacy all wiped out in a matter of months.

Time, it will tell.

Obama isn't done being a vindictive little b!#ch yet:

Now comes the January 15 Paris conference and the resolution resulting from it. Its product is foreseeable from Kerry’s recent speech. He said that the Israeli settlements are dangerous because they threaten the possibility of a “two-state solution.”

The Paris resolution will go at least one enormous step further than the December UN resolution, one that Israel’s enemies have wanted to go but America had always — until Obama — stopped them.

The Paris resolution will either demand Israel recognize a Palestinian state with borders conforming to the pre-1967 war borders or will do so on behalf of the nations in attendance. It may set a deadline for Israel to do so.

The Paris agreement may go even farther. It could state that if Israel doesn’t agree to recognize that form of a two-state solution by the deadline, international sanctions will be used to compel Israeli compliance with the measure. Such sanctions could threaten Israel’s economy and its military.

Some people would be embarrassed to behave like a high-school queen bee.

But not Obama!

Speaking of vindictive little b!#ches:

The Chinese government has embarked on an extensive tax audit and safety inspection of all of Lotte Group's businesses in China

The scale is unprecedented and has prompted suspicions that the move comes in retaliation against Lotte's decision to hand over a site in Korea for the U.S.' Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense battery, which Beijing fears could be used to spy on its military movements.
We all know what a pristine and fair democracy China is:
A thick blanket of toxic haze from China descended on most parts of Korea on New Year's Day.

Fine dust concentration was forecast to remain bad all day Monday in the Seoul metropolitan area and Chungcheong, Gangwon, North Gyeongsang and North Jeolla provinces, according to the National Institute of Environmental Research.

The crew of the Enterprise-D treats replicators as little more than glorified drinking fountains, but the implications of replicator technology for the civilian population are staggering. If everyone has free access to replicators, then no-one ever has to work. People who want to live a life of extreme luxury and personal indulgence are free to do so: there are no binding budget constraints.

Just wait until the replicator technicians go on strike.


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