Saturday, January 21, 2017

New Day

Donald Trump was sworn in as the forty-fifth president and the Earth did not open and swallow everyone, no matter how many utterly infantile, pants-wetting, deluded fracking morons smashed windows, burned trash cans and went into complete tantrum mode.

I shant link to any of their exploits (no doubt covered by wealthy benefactors who shall remain nameless - for now). I'm tired of drawing attention to these losers at life who cannot, for one moment, be adults and accept that the majority of Americans - tired of Barack Obama's incompetence, sloth, arrogance, allegiance to anyone and anything but the country he was elected to lead and vindictive sh--iness coupled with the urbane arrogance of celebrities whose opinions no one ever, ever asked for and policies and attitudes that added burden and harm to a citizenry that found itself either under-employed, unemployed and saddled with debt - decided to vote for a guy who promised them the opposite of they had been living with for the past eight years.

This was bound to happen.

Even as the walking fungus that is Obama was leaving (and he just couldn't bring himself to do that), polls pointed out how divisive and sh-- disturbing he is.

But now is a new day.

Now is the time to remind Trump and every single fat cat in every political capital of every country that he works for the people, not the other way around. For the past eight years, Americans forgot to make Obama accountable. In Canada, not even those who voted for Trudeau trust him to dress himself let alone handle a fire extinguisher or maybe steer the country away from economic icebergs.

He is so damn useless, just as useless as the electorate that doesn't remind this feckless twit that we don't owe him a g-d- thing!

Anyway, it appears that Trump is making himself useful by repealing Obamacare, ending American funding for foreign abortions, cutting funding to the NEA and reviving the coal industry.

So there's that.

The Chinese red pheasant with the Trump coiffure.
Donald Trump is president in the Year of the Rooster and is as coiffed as this golden pheasant. Coincidence? I think not.

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