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The World Is Taking Crazy Pills - Now and Forever

Seriously, there has to be something in the water...

Cases in point:

I can't even think of a headline for this:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised Thursday to ensure transgender inmates can serve their sentences in prisons based on their gender identity, just as a new Correctional Service Canada policy bars the practice.

And what about this form of child abuse?

In my work with the Child and Adolescent Gender Identity Clinic at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), we regularly did a very thorough assessment with these teens to ensure that the path they seemed to be choosing had been thought through, sometimes a difficult task for ASD teens because of their difficulty with self-reflection and abstract thinking.

When a sex change seemed the only realistic option, we referred them to an endocrinologist for assessment regarding puberty blockers; if prescribed, we continued monitoring their progress to ensure their ongoing safety. (Even so, we had qualms, given a lack of evidence of long-term impact.)

However, we also felt strongly that irreversible medical intervention such as hormones and surgery should be postponed until we could be certain that the individuals were fully able to understand that there would be no going back. We were quite willing to accept that individuals might change their mind or wish to slow the process down. In short, we did what is considered best practice in the field of ASD and gender discomfort.

Activists would have the public believe that anyone who expresses a wish to be the other gender should be allowed and encouraged to do so. Credulous politicians have translated their demands into law. To date, however, there is no evidence that there is such a thing as a “true” trans, just as there is no marker that would identify a “false” trans. To accept the thinking and wishes of those with ASD at face value, without understanding why they feel the way they do, is not a kindness, and may in fact be extremely damaging.

It is not about science, biological sex or individual freedoms. It is about an insane subset that craves attention and undue favouritism even if it has to ruin one kid at a time to get it.

Back to the corrupt son of a former prime minister...

When then-MP Hair-Boy charged schools and charities to hear him stutter, the same ethics commissioner - Mary Dawson - whose term Trudeau renewed and who must now determine if he did anything illegal and/or corrupt when he used a private helicopter to fly to billionaire Aga Khan's private island, granted the billionaire $55 million and gave private audiences to willing Chinese businessmen - cleared his speaking appearances and fees.

I will say again: the same ethics commissioner who cleared Trudeau's speaking engagements and fees taken from non-profit organisations and schools is the same person whose term has been recently renewed and who must now decide if the prime minister did anything wrong meeting with a billionaire who has received huge amounts of money from the current government.

No wonder PM Hair-Boy is not worried. It's not like he's going to get punished or anything.



Justin Trudeau's cross-country tour to re-engage with grassroots Canadians starts Thursday amid suspicions that it's really aimed at helping the Liberal party add details about potential supporters and donors to its massive data base.

Trudeau trolls for attention. It's all he does. He campaigns for himself.

Let him beg for attention away from Toronto or Montreal - you know - where the real little people live, the ones who didn't and would never vote for him.

That would be train wreck to watch.

It's a proven fact that PM Hair-Boy folds under pressure:

Moving on...

China, which has installed a military base on an island an international court ruled actually belongs to the Philippines, is very upset that Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, recommends American push-back:

Hours into a confirmation hearing with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Tillerson compared China’s actions to those of Russia in Crimea, saying a failure to respond had allowed it to “keep pushing the envelope” in the South China Sea. “We’re going to have to send China a clear signal that first the island-building stops and second your access to those islands is also not going to be allowed.”

Should China become the blatant geopolitical bully in the region, it would not only affect who does business in the region and how but India which could get very annoyed with the paper dragon.

China could make India very angry, very angry indeed!

Also upset with the US - Russia:

American soldiers rolled into Poland on Thursday, fulfilling a dream some Poles have had since the fall of communism in 1989 to have U.S. troops on their soil as a deterrent against Russia.

Some people waved and held up American flags as U.S. troops in tanks and other vehicles crossed into southwestern Poland from Germany and headed toward the town of Zagan, where they will be based. Poland’s prime minister and defence minister will welcome them in an official ceremony Saturday.

“This is the fulfilment of a dream,” said Michal Baranowski, director of the German Marshall Fund think-tank in Warsaw. “And this is not just a symbolic presence but one with a real capability.”

U.S. and other Western nations have carried out exercises on NATO’s eastern flank in past years, but the new deployment — which includes some 3,500 U.S. troops — marks the first-ever continuous deployment to the region by a NATO ally.

It is part of a larger commitment by President Barack Obama to protect a region that grew deeply nervous when Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 and then began backing separatist rebels in Ukraine’s east.

There are fears, however, that the enhanced security could eventually be undermined by the pro-Kremlin views of President-elect Donald Trump.

Poland and the Baltic states also feel threatened by Russia’s recent deployment of nuclear-capable Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad, the Russian territory wedged between Poland and Lithuania.
But Russia says it’s the one who is threatened.

If Trump was smart, he would keep those tanks there, not because Obama knows a damn thing about foreign policy but because Putin should earn both Trump's and Poland's trust.

On the Korean Peninsula...

If Trump is actually considering putting sanctions on Chinese companies that skirt around sanctions, that would obviously cause friction but may also weaken North Korea:

North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs are advancing quickly, and Trump has pledged to stop them. His team is considering secondary sanctions that would apply to companies that aid Kim Jong Un’s regime, which would create another point of tension with China.

It's not like North Korea can afford to lose business


Oh, this must be embarrassing:

The biomedical company accused of contracting with Planned Parenthood to harvest and sell aborted baby body parts has dropped its lawsuit against the pro-life undercover investigators at the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), and are walking away with nothing.


A district court judge in Texas has dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed by Ahmed Mohamed on his own behalf and on behalf of his 15-year-old son, Ahmed Mohamed. ...

During the lengthy hearing, Judge Moore pressed Mohamed’s lawyer, Fort Worth attorney Susan Hutchison, to provide any facts that would suggest that Hanson and the other defendants had said anything false or defamatory about Mohamed or his son during the television broadcasts. After spending a painfully embarrassing 15 minutes flipping through reams of paper, Mohamed’s lawyer was unable to provide any such evidence.

Oh, the burn...

North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs are advancing quickly, and Trump has pledged to stop them. His team is considering secondary sanctions that would apply to companies that aid Kim Jong Un’s regime, which would create another point of tension with China. - See more at:

And now, Canada makes America great, part #121 (you're welcome):

Nearly 30 years before Helena Rubenstein and Elizabeth Arden launched their beauty brands, a former servant girl from Canada created the American hair salon industry, designed the first reclining salon chair, and went on to establish retail franchising as we know it today. Along the way she empowered thousands of young women and amassed a fortune. 

Martha Matilda Harper was born in 1857 into a working class family in Ontario, Canada. At the age of seven, her father bound her out in servitude to an uncle, and she was sent 60 miles from home to begin a life of drudgery. Eventually, she went to work for a German holistic doctor, who taught her his revolutionary ideas about hair care. Harper learned about stimulating blood flow to the scalp through vigorous hair brushing, and the importance of hygiene; all new ideas at the time. She embraced the doctor’s practices and her own hair flourished. Before he died in 1881, the doctor gave Harper his secret hair tonic formula, little knowing the effects his small bequeath would have on Harper and American society.

The next year Harper immigrated to Rochester, New York, once again as a servant, but she had the tonic and a plan. ...

Soon Harper was delighting her new employer, Luella Roberts, and Roberts’ affluent friends with her hair skills and secret tonic (an organic shampoo). During the Victorian era, people either didn’t wash their hair, or used harsh soaps. Women had their hair done at home by servants, or independent hairdressers, but Harper had the revolutionary idea of opening a public hair salon for women.

A portrait believed to show Martha Matilda Harper, c. 1914.
Even our hair is geographically bigger than the Americans'.

Are recaps better with cats? You decide:

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