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A delegation from the Trudeau government met with Islamist lobby groups before presenting Motion 103:

On February 8, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid “reconnected” with Islamist lobby NCCM / CAIR-CAN, Montreal-based AMAL-Québec co-president Haroun Bouazzi and Islamic Relief Executive Manager Abdelbasset Benaissa for a discussion about Motion 103. She was accompanied by fellow MPs Salma Zahid and Frank Baylis for the occasion. Motion 103 aims at “develop[ing] a whole-of-government approach” to target so-called Islamophobia.

Officially, Motion 103 is Iqra Khalid’s private member motion. However, very early on Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly was mandated to express the federal government’s “strong and clear support” to Iqra Khalid’s motion. As National Post columnist Barbara Kay pointed out, it is not clear “whether it was MP Iqra Khalid […] or the Prime Minister’s Office” who crafted the motion. MP Khalid refuses media interviews and won’t answer this question and others.

On February 8, Iqra Khalid posted three images on a Twitter message. Two of them show the participants at the meeting with NCCM / CAIR-CAN, AMAL-Québec and Islamic Relief representatives and a third one shows Canada’s Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, with some of the participants at this meeting. However, no picture shows Minister Hussen taking part in the meeting itself. ...

Islamists like Faisal Kutty who supported the endorsement of sharia tribunals in family matters by the Ontario government in 2005 are now strongly supporting the Islamophobia Motion 103.

Read the whole thing.

(Paws up)

In what is clearly a display of disgraceful pandering, the Liberals will gradually let in only 1, 200 Yazidi refugees after initially calling their prioritisation for refugee status "disgusting":

Some 1,200 people considered to be among the most vulnerable refugees in the world are to be housed in Canada by the end of this year, the Trudeau government announced Tuesday — a move praised by Conservative MP Michelle Rempel as a message to the world that the persecuted Yazidi population needs to be a greater priority for safe-haven countries.

Nearly 400 Yazidi refugees and other survivors of Islamist extremists have already been accepted over the last four months, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said in announcing the initiative, which is expected to cost $28 million.

I will say again:

Trudeau called the prioritisation of Yazidis and Iraqi Christians by the Harper government "disgusting":

For Yazidi children fleeing from ISIS violence, he recommended not armed contingents but parkas:

Trudeau, who opposes Canada's part in airstrikes on Islamic States targets in Iraq, says we'd be more helpful offering “cold winter” advice for victims of the militants.

“There's a lot of people, refugees, displaced peoples, fleeing violence who are facing a very, very cold winter in the mountains. Something Canada has expertise on is how to face a winter in the mountains with the right kind of equipment," Trudeau said.

(Sidebar: how do parkas prevent child rape, Justin?)

The Liberal government had to be shamed into acting:

Michelle Rempel needs to get angry more often.

The 36-year-old former Conservative cabinet minister, now the Official Opposition critic for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, was the driving force behind Tuesday’s 313-0 House of Commons vote requiring Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government to get its act together and open Canada’s doors to the persecuted Yazidi minority of Iraqi Kurdistan.

So far, 40,081 Syrian migrants have entered Canada at a cost of $384.7 million.

The Trudeau government is quietly allowing 1, 200 Yazidis (the nearly forgotten rape victims of the Middle East) into the country and spending only $28 million.

And let's not forget the thinly-veiled attempt to avoid embarrassment:

But unlike the thousands of refugees fleeing violence in Syria who were greeted by flashing cameras and intense public exposure, the Yazidis have been entering the country with no fanfare. That won't change, say government officials who are protecting the identity of the asylum seekers because of just how vulnerable they are.
"Some of these women haven't even told their own families about what they experienced" at the hands of their persecutors, associate deputy immigration minister Dawn Edlund told a news conference alongside Hussen.

Yes, about that:

They used to come and buy the girls without a price, I mean, they used to tell us Yazidi girls, you are sabiya [spoils of war, sex slaves], you are kuffar [infidels], you are to be sold without a price," meaning they had no base value and explains why Yazidi girls were "sold" in exchange for a few packs of cigarettes.

The Yazidis were being abused, raped and murdered when Trudeau huffed at the thought of letting them into Canada. That was no secret. That's why the UN put them on groups to be prioritised. There is no point in not highlighting the Yazidis' entry into the country now. PM Hair-Boy had no problem with meeting-and-greeting before:

"Look at meeeeeeee!"

This entire spectacle is only politically embarrassing for Pierre's son. He knows that as long as people overlook his reluctance to help the wrong sort of brown people, he can skate by.

The shame is that people let him.

It’s a good question, though: In what way are the police officers who have been arresting the would-be refugees as soon as they step on Canadian soil failing to enforce the law? The calls from Clement and other critics for a “crackdown” amount to a demand that illegal immigration should be made illegal, enforced by the arrest of all those who are currently being arrested.

So we come to the latest of these blooding exercises, the “debate” over Motion 103, a private member’s motion introduced by Liberal MP Iqra Khalid. In the fevered imaginings of its online discussants, #M103 is decried as a bill that would forbid any criticism of Islam, if not the first step towards imposing Sharia law. I only wish I were exaggerating.

This one right here:

I greatly admire Andrew Coyne for his exegetical brilliance in the hermeneutics of electoral reform, but on the subject of creeping Shariah-based blasphemy laws across the Western world, it grieves me to say that he has revealed himself as an authority of rather lesser stature.

That's the one.

A video shows North Korean children being used as slaves:

Child slavery in North Korea is a topic seldom covered by the popular press who earn the scorn for spreading "fake news":

I often say that the New York Times consistently has the worst North Korea coverage of any major U.S. newspaper. Next time someone asks me why that is, I suppose I’ll point them to this story by Jane Perlez, Choe Sang-hun and Motoko Rich, which could be the exemplar of everything that’s wrong with it in a single hyperlink. …

In sum, we have a story (really, an opinion piece) that was neither researched nor fact-checked, is consequently riddled with factual falsehoods, bases its major premise on speculation unsupported by a single source (even an anonymous one), and quotes a selection of opinions so skewed it would make Pauline Kael blush. It isn’t just that three New York Times journalists know or care so little about what they’re writing; I’ve followed Choe’s work for years, so I expect that much. It’s the fact that the Times‘s editors neither knew nor cared enough to stop them from printing it. If the Times wants to be a P.C. Breitbart with better typography and a style section, that’s fine; just don’t expect me to pay for it.

I guess one should not expect that the New York Times would cover the call for secondary boycotts of North Korea, either. Too much detail to check.

Also - more on the murder of Kim Jong-Nam:

Malaysian police on Wednesday named a North Korean diplomat along with a state airline official who are wanted for questioning over the murder of Kim Jong Nam, the estranged half-brother of North Korea's leader.

Kim Jong Nam, 46, was killed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Feb. 13, while preparing to board a flight to Macau, where he lived in exile with his family under the protection of Beijing.

South Korean and U.S. officials believe the killing of the elder half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was an assassination carried out by agents of the North.

Kim Jong Nam had spoken out publicly against his family's dynastic control of the isolated, nuclear-armed state.

Giving an update on an investigation that has already angered North Korea, Malaysia's police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said the diplomat wanted for questioning was 44-year-old Hyon Kwang Song, a second secretary at the embassy.

Police also want to interview Kim Uk Il, 37, an employee of the North Korean state-owned airline Air Koryo.


The women suspected of fatally poisoning a scion of North Korea's ruling family were trained to coat their hands with toxic chemicals then wipe them on his face, police said Wednesday, announcing they were now seeking a North Korean diplomat in connection with the attack.


For some reason, people feel uneasy about Islamist violence:

Thousands of mourners gathered in a small Egyptian town on Wednesday for the funeral of the Muslim cleric known as "the blind sheikh" who was convicted of conspiracy in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing in New York.


In Canada, Tarek Fatah is not exactly known as a diplomat; the journalist’s provocative criticism of the Islamic world has even extended to promoting a conspiracy theory about the Quebec-city mosque shooting.

But when he took his needling brand of commentary recently to India — where tensions between Hindus and Muslims simmer just below the surface — the reception was explosive.

Fatah’s talk show about Islamic issues on India’s Zee News channel has quickly become a hit — garnering tens of millions of viewers per episode — and also triggered angry reaction from within the country’s huge Muslim minority.

One group has filed a court case demanding the show be cancelled, calling it a threat to communal peace, another asked the elections commission to take similar action, suggesting the show is a ploy to fuel Hindu nationalism, while petitions have pressed sponsors to drop the program.

More viscerally, an infuriated critic put a bounty on the Canadian’s head, while one of his own guests suggested on air that he be decapitated.

Between being mobbed by fans in New Delhi and police warning him to keep a low profile, Fatah says he’s become a virtual shut-in.

“I can’t walk on the streets any more,” says the 67-year-old, who has been advised by police to stay home. “I have never experienced anything like this … It’s just shocked me.”


While that debate occurred, at least two mosques were vandalized. But reports also surfaced while this debate was on the minds of MPs in which two imams, preaching from the floor of mosques in Toronto and in Montreal, called for the death of all Jews.

The Toronto incident,  first reported by Jonathan Halevi of CIJNews, took place at the Masjid Toronto mosque, the same mosque where worshippers last Friday had to go through a handful of protestors bearing signs such as “Muslims are Terrorists” and “Say No To Islam.”

Halevi also spotted a video from 2014 taken at a mosque in Montreal where another imam, who is no longer in Canada, also called for the death of all Jews. Halevi, the Canadian Jewish News noted in its report on the Montreal incident, speaks Arabic but translated the imam’s hate-filled sermon with the help of another Arabic speaker.

I can't put my finger on it.

Afghan lawmakers will set penalties for those who enslave boys for sexual purposes:

Afghanistan is set to lay out stringent penalties for “bacha bazi” — sexual slavery and abuse of boys — for the first time, officials say, in a landmark move against the deeply entrenched practice.

AFP revealed last year how the Taliban were exploiting rampant bacha bazi in police ranks to mount deadly insider attacks, exposing a hidden epidemic of kidnapping of young boys for institutionalized sexual slavery.

The revelations intensified long-standing demands by campaigners for Kabul to enact an incisive legal provision to curb bacha bazi — literally “boy play” — which has seen a striking resurgence in post-Taliban Afghanistan.

A raft of punishments will now be listed in Afghanistan’s revised penal code — from up to seven years in jail for sexual assault to capital punishment for “aggravated cases” such as violating more than one boy.

Sure, they will.

Pope Francis appeals for aid to the starving in South Sudan:

Pope Francis called on Wednesday for urgent humanitarian aid for the starving people of South Sudan, saying millions risked being "condemned to death" by a famine in parts of the war-ravaged country.

Known liar pledged Canadian tax dollars to baby-eating organisation:

Monsef’s statements came as the Liberal government announced $285,000 in funding from Status of Women Canada to Planned Parenthood Ottawa for a three-year project. The project will aim to improve local services for women and girls who face barriers to their reproductive rights, such as being coerced into either pregnancy or abortion.

Like what, known liar?


I must get this book:

On June 13, 2000, Gusinsky  was arrested and put into one of Moscow’s oldest, most flea-ridden jails without any clear charges. Malashenko was on vacation in Spain, where Putin was about to begin his first postelection tour. Despite the Russian security services’ best efforts, he called a press conference in Madrid in a hotel across the street from the one where Putin was staying. “Today Russia got its first political prisoner,” he announced to a room packed with journalists who were supposed to be covering Putin’s visit. “His name is Vladimir Alexandrovich Gusinsky.” As Putin moved to Berlin, so did Malashenko. “I was sitting in Gusinsky’s small Challenger on the runway in Madrid,” he told me, “and we had to wait to let the presidential jet take off.”The double act continued: Putin talked about the investment climate in Russia, Malashenko about the politically motivated case against a private company.

Foreign journalists loved the drama that was unfolding in front of them. Instead of covering Putin, newspapers made a splash with Gusinsky. Putin said he knew nothing about the case. “I hope the prosecutor has sufficient reasons for this step,” he said, adding that he could not get through to him on the phone. Everyone knew Putin was lying, and Putin knew that they knew, but this was within the remits of his power: as a former spy, Putin had a license to use decoy and deceit as his fighting tactics, especially in Berlin.

And now, uses for tequila one might have thought of:

“Plenty of liquids” is a well-known remedy for getting oneself out from under the weather. But expanding that definition to include a kicked-up shot of tequila makes a day laid out on the couch sound much more appealing. In the 1930s, doctors in Mexico recommended the following concoction to fight off a cold.
.5 ounce of tequila blanco
.5 ounce of agave nectar (to eliminate bacteria and soothe sore throats)
.5 ounce of fresh lime juice (for Vitamin C) 

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