Thursday, July 13, 2017

But Wait! There's More!

Often, there is ...

An Ontario judge has rejected a plea to freeze money the Trudeau government awarded Omar Khadr for the murder of Christopher Speer:

A Canadian judge wasted precious few minutes on Thursday in refusing to freeze a reported $10.5-million payout to Omar Khadr so the widow of a slain American soldier he was accused of killing in Afghanistan can have more time to go after the money.

In his ruling, Ontario Superior Court Justice Edward Belobaba said he had heard nothing to show Khadr planned to hide assets to thwart possible enforcement of a massive American court award against him.

"People might have a lot of opinions. But this is not a coffee shop. This is a court of law," Belobaba said during the hearing. "We don't, thank goodness, in Canada have one law for Omar Khadr and one law for all other Canadians."

Well, apparently, you do, O Unelected One.

Khadr not only plead guilty to killing Speer but has not recanted the ideology that caused him to do it. Couple that with the government's haste and obfuscation in this matter and one could reasonably conclude that yes, this money was improperly awarded to an unrepentant murder and was done in such a fashion that the Speer family and Layne Morris could not retrieve the money they won in a previous judgment.

This judgment is a malicious attempt to attack both Tabitha Speer's husband, herself and her family and Layne Morris. The pace at which this freeze was rejected points to efforts of sweeping it under the rug by some of the highest levels of government and the legal system.

Also - why Butts didn't keep this moron out of the country and away from the microphone shows an arrogance on the part of Team Trudeau:

Justin Trudeau says he shares the concerns of Canadians who object to reports of the government's multi-million dollar settlement with Omar Khadr.

But the prime minister says if the government hadn't settled with the former Guantanamo Bay inmate, it would have cost as much as $40 million to put an end to the case.

"I can understand Canadians' concerns about the settlement. In fact, I share those concerns about the money. That's why we settled," Trudeau said Thursday.

What a g-d- liar. 

Mr. Removed-From-Reality (and the country when this story broke - what a coward) fails to add to his stuttering defense of Khadr (whose father found favour with Chretien) is that not only did this convicted killer plead guilty, there is already a precedent for compensating parties internationally. In order to make the case go away (which would have worked for the Liberals) is not give Khadr a damn thing.


Justin Trudeau will not recuse himself from the hiring process for the next lobbying commissioner, even though the current one is investigating two fundraisers that wealthy lobbyists held for the prime minister.

Where is that damn no-confidence motion? 

Chinese Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo, a prominent dissident since the 1989 Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests, died on Thursday after being denied permission to leave the country for treatment for late-stage liver cancer.

Liu, 61, was jailed for 11 years in 2009 for "inciting subversion of state power" after he helped write a petition known as "Charter 08" calling for sweeping political reforms. ...

Already seriously ill, Liu, a thorn in the ruling Communist Party's side since he helped negotiate a deal to allow protesters to leave Tiananmen Square before troops and tanks rolled in, was moved last month from prison to a hospital in the northeastern city of Shenyang.

The Shenyang Bureau of Justice said in a brief statement on its website that Liu had suffered multiple organ failure and efforts to save him had failed. Though allowed out on medical parole he was never freed, spending his final days in the hospital surrounded by security guards.

An aide to South Korean President Moon Jae-in has proposed that five-way talks be held among Japan, the United States, China, Russia and South Korea in dealing with North Korea’s nuclear program.

Given that North Korea is refusing to take part in the existing six-way format among Tokyo, Washington, Beijing, Moscow, Seoul and Pyongyang, the other five nations in the dialogue framework should hold a meeting to fill the gaps in their positions and draw up a common strategy, Moon Chung-in, special presidential adviser on unification, foreign affairs and national security, said at a seminar held in Seoul on Wednesday.

The five countries should discuss what incentives they can offer to North Korea in case Pyongyang freezes its nuclear facilities and dismantles them in a verifiable manner, he said.

President Donald Trump held the door open to a reversal of his decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord on Thursday, but did not say what he would need in return to persuade him to do so. 

And I thought he had no faith in the Paris Agreement. 

Last week, on July 3, five of these climbers were members of the United States Marine Corps, and what may have been just a test of endurance in the beginning turned into a rescue mission when they came across a woman who had passed out on the trail. The five Marines worked together to create a makeshift stretcher, and carried the woman for approximately 3.2 kilometers (two miles) to get her some much-needed medical attention.

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