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In the midst of it all ...

Screw you, Justin, you slimy, cretinous worm:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the mailing of a package containing a defaced Qur'an and a note expressing hate toward a Muslim cemetery project has nothing to do with Quebec or Canadian values.

Oh, is Quebec a separate country? Of course it is:

"Canada isn't doing well right now because it's Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda. It doesn't work," Trudeau told interviewer Patrick Lagacé. ...
When asked whether he thought Canada was "better served when there are more Quebecers in charge than Albertans," Trudeau replied, "I'm a Liberal, so of course I think so, yes. 

Naturally, he didn't say this to English Canada just like he didn't stick around for the news of Omar Khadr's windfall to be released:

Three things mark the Khadr announcement. The government didn’t want in any visible way to be associated with it. They wanted it done swiftly and with maximum distraction. And they didn’t want Trudeau on the same continent when the news broke.

He certainly didn't have the spine to say anything to Christopher Speer's widow:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he did not reach out to Tabitha Speer in the wake of his government's decision to apologize and compensate Omar Khadr. 

Speaking to reporters in Rhode Island after delivering the keynote speech at the National Governors Association conference on Friday, Trudeau also would not comment on reports former prime minister Stephen Harper called both Speer and wounded U.S. soldier Layne Morris after the settlement became public. 

"I did not reach out and I have no comment on what the former prime minister did," he said.

Will Justin put his best foot forward and save Pastor Lim Hyun-Soo where he decidedly failed Robert Hall and John Ridsfel?

You do remember, Mr. Prime Minister, that Robert Hall and John Ridsdel were kidnapped, tortured and beheaded by the ISIS-affiliated terror group Abu Sayyaf. This took place on an island in the Philippines.

Your and your government’s public statements in response to the terrified Canadians pleading for assistance was to announce grandly that Canada does not pay ransom to terror groups.  Just terrorists, you might have added.

What utterly shocked was to hear Bonice Thomas declare that your government informed the family of Robert Hall if they spoke publicly and Mr. Hall were murdered by Abu Sayyaf, the death of their beloved Robert, or as another cousin e-mailed, “Bobby,” would be on them, the family.

Bonice then spoke of having sent a communication to your Global Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland months ago. That communication by the sister of a kidnapped, tortured and beheaded Canadian was deemed not worthy of response. Bonice Thomas is still waiting to hear back from your Global Affairs Minister, Prime Minister Trudeau. ...

“After nine months of torture and deprivation, Bobby was beheaded by the laughing, joking terrorists who held him captive. Tess (Robert Hall’s fiancée) was freed two weeks after they made her watch Bobby being beheaded. For nine months we were not allowed to say anything to anyone, not even our eight children because we were told if anything got onto social media it would be dangerous for Bobby. So we silently prayed and did all we could for him quietly. My heart broke last June when at 4 a.m. his brother broke his forced silence and we knew Bobby’s head had been found in a bag. We received no help from our government, none. We did not expect a ransom. That would have put every travelling Canadian in danger from these barbarians, but we had no help. No effort was made to rescue them (Robert Hall & John Ridsdel), even though we know the Philippine government was ready to help us rescue them. I have talked to other families who have come out of the woodwork to share with us they have been treated the same way. We had no council or support from our foreign services department. We were on our own. My heart is sad today. That this ($10.5 million) is given to Omar Khadr when peaceful good Canadians are tossed to the wolves opens those wounds again.”

It is abundantly clear that Justin has nothing but contempt for people who can't let him ooze into power.


The Jewish Defence League has posted the protest – “JDL Protest Against PM Trudeau Giving $10.5M to Omar Khadr” on its Facebook page and plans on picketing Paramount Fine Foods on Crestlawn Dr., where the prime minister has a $1,500 per plate dinner engagement at 6:30 p.m.

Leave them there:

If two female ISIL fighters from Canada have been captured in the rubble of Mosul, as unconfirmed reports suggest, they would be part of a bizarre Canadian export to the terrorist organization.

As many as 20 women from here have joined the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, and most have given birth since arriving in Iraq or Syria, says one of Canada’s leading experts on radicalization.

Media reports suggest that Iraqi forces cleaning up the remnants of ISIL defences captured 20 or more female fighters — including women from Germany, Russia, Turkey and Canada — in a secret tunnel under the city.


A French woman captured in the Iraqi city of Mosul with her four children is facing possible prosecution in Iraq for allegedly collaborating with the Islamic State group, in a test case for how governments handle the families of foreign fighters now that the extremists are in retreat.


Speaking to The Associated Press, four Iraqi officers from three different branches of the military and security forces openly admitted that their troops killed unarmed and captured Islamic State suspects, and they defended the practice. They, like the lieutenant, spoke on condition of anonymity because they acknowledged such practices were against international law, but all those interviewed by AP said they believed the fight against IS should be exempt from such rules of war because militant rule in Iraq was so cruel.

No one should be surprised because this is Wynne's Ontario:

The 340 lost jobs at the Siemens Canada wind turbine plant in Tillsonburg announced Tuesday are the tip of the iceberg.

That’s because Ontario’s renewable energy industry, including wind, is built on a house of cards of massive public subsidies that was always only going to last as long as the subsidies kept coming.
Because of the incompetence of the Kathleen Wynne and Dalton McGuinty Liberal governments, Ontarians are now facing a perfect storm of multiple energy crises.

They’re paying the highest electricity rates in Canada - which the Liberals say they’re going to fix by plunging us even deeper into debt - while billions of locked-in public dollars are being wasted on unneeded, unreliable and expensive green energy, combined with the first of what could be thousands of layoffs in the sector.

The closure of this plant - one of four set up under the province’s multi-billion dollar green energy deal with South Korea’s Samsung corporation arising out of 2009’s disastrous Green Energy Act - was in the cards ever since Premier Wynne announced in September, 2016 that the government was cancelling all future wind megaprojects because of an energy surplus.

An energy surplus created in part by the skyrocketing prices of green energy, where Ontarians now pay, according to Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk, twice the U.S. average for wind power and 3.5 times the average for solar.

Auto insurance rates in Ontario rose again in the second quarter of 2017.

Approved rates posted by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario show an average increase of 0.76 per cent.

Last quarter, rates went up by an average of 1.24 per cent.

In 2013, the Liberals promised to reduce car insurance premiums by an average of 15 per cent by August 2015, but after the self-imposed deadline passed, Premier Kathleen Wynne admitted that was what she called a “stretch goal.”
People voted for this.

But I thought that things were going swimmingly:

“Canada has for decades now dealt inadequately with what is an ongoing national tragedy,” he said. 

“The inquiry needs to provide justice for the victims, healing for the families and put an end to this ongoing tragedy.”

But two former inquiry insiders have spoken with the National Post about the frustration and disappointment they felt working on a project they believed in, but that seemed to be going astray. They spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of professional repercussions.

The picture painted of the inquiry’s inner workings is one of discord and indecision — a description the commission disputes. “I’m very, very proud of our team, and I think they are incredibly competent and they’re navigating through a very, very difficult task,” said Qajaq Robinson, one of the inquiry’s four remaining commissioners.
But one source said it felt like the inquiry was “kind of floating all over the place.”

“I was in tears so many times… tears of frustration,” they said.

“They’re more concerned about their reputation and what the inquiry looks like than actually doing the job.”

By this account, the organization’s problems start at the top.

“It lacks leadership. I think (chief commissioner) Marion Buller, she’s a lovely person, but she doesn’t have the skills, the management skills,” the source said. Buller was not available to comment for this story, but a spokesperson responded that “the National Inquiry will not comment about other people’s opinion.”

(Sidebar: this Marion Buller.)

Of course this is a rudderless waste of time and money. People are fishing for answers that simply aren't so:

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson has confirmed assertions by Canada’s Minister of Aboriginal Affairs that 70 per cent of the aboriginal women who are murdered in Canada meet their fate at the hands of someone of their own race.

Well, what other answers could one get?

It's like there is a pattern:

On Friday afternoon, a Manitoba judge sentenced Andrea Giesbrecht, a gambling addict and mother of two, to eight and a half years in prison for concealing the remains of six infants in a Winnipeg storage locker. ...

DNA evidence linked all six infants to Giesbrecht and her husband. She also had 11 therapeutic abortions and gave birth to two children — one in 1997 and one in 2002 — that she raised along with her husband.

After giving birth to each of the six infants, Giesbretch took steps to dispose of them. She stuffed several in white kitchen garbage bags, wrapped them in towels and tote bags and jammed them in blue plastic bins, along with toys and baby clothes — “an infant-sized long-sleeved shirt,” a pair of “size four Scooby Doo underwear.” She eventually stored them all in a storage locker she rented using her maiden name.

One body was found encased in concrete. The remains had largely liquefied, but “an impression of the body remained in the hardened disc.” The sixth was sealed in some kind of white powder, “leaving it hard and mummified.” The placenta was found in a plastic bag underneath.

The left's failure to be consistent in everything other than its capacity for hypocrisy and double standards has come back to haunt it:

If Trump’s most prominent liberal critics on the matter of Russia hope to maintain their credibility, they must cleanse themselves of their hypocrisy. In the pursuit of atonement, some prominent Democrats are starting to throw Barack Obama under the bus. “We Dems erred in ’12 by mocking Boot/Romney Russia worry,” declared Hillary Clinton’s former press secretary, Brian Fallon, last week. Jon Favreau, a former speechwriter for Barack Obama, agreed. “I’m willing to say that in 2012 when we all scoffed at Mitt for saying that, gee, Russia was our number one geopolitical foe, think we were a little off there.”

And now, a newly discovered diary reveals perspectives on the day of the Halifax Explosion:

But there were no ships to be inspected that day, so after breakfast he and his crewmates aboard HMCS Acadia went back to their cleaning stations. “We...had just drawn soap and powder and the necessary utensils for cleaning paint work,” he wrote, “when the most awful explosion I ever heard or want to hear again occurred.”

What Frank Baker heard was the biggest explosion of the pre-atomic age, a catastrophe of almost biblical proportions. The 918 words he wrote for December 6 make up the only eyewitness account known to be written on the day of what is now called the Halifax Explosion. After World War I, his diary sat unread for decades. Now, it has been included in an exhibit on the explosion’s centennial at the Dartmouth Heritage Museum, across the harbor from Halifax. It is published here for the first time.
The first thud shook the ship from stem to stern and the second one seemed to spin us all around, landing some [crew members] under the gun carriage and others flying in all directions all over the deck,” Baker wrote. Sailors 150 miles out to sea heard the blast. On land, people felt the jolt 300 miles away. The shock wave demolished almost everything within a half-mile. “Our first impression was that we were being attacked by submarines, and we all rushed for the upper deck, where we saw a veritable mountain of smoke of a yellowish hue and huge pieces of iron were flying all around us.”

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