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Merry Fourth Day of July!

Because America!

The biggest news today is that Trudeau, the chief douchebag of the federal Liberal Party, waited until Independence Day, a public holiday in the US when no one would be working and when Americans commemorate their independence from Great Britain, to announce that he (and it must be he and he alone because I cannot think of anyone who wants to apologise to an unrepentant murderer) will apologise for the torture that Omar Khadr did not receive and that taxpayer money to the tune of ten million dollars CDN will be doled out to him.

And people do not like this one bit:
The Trudeau government is reportedly set to settle a civil suit launched by Khadr, and pay the young Canadian al-Qaida operative upwards of $10 million, as well as officially apologize to him for not treating him with kid gloves and intervention hugs.

How cruel of us, reads the acquiescent fine print, to treat him like the terrorist he was, and not as a misguided "child soldier."

Meanwhile, U.S. Marine Sgt. Christopher Speer, killed in Afghanistan where we lost 159 of our own, has been dead now for 15 years, thanks to a grenade tossed by Khadr.

Two weeks before receiving his mortal wounding, Speer was awarded the Soldier's Medal for risking his life to save two Afghan children trapped in a minefield.

So excuse us if our heart does not bleed for Khadr like the progressives now cheering his civil court victory.

Excuse us, too, that we think it is hideous for Ottawa to give him $10 million in taxpayers' money, and an even more hideous to apologize for not coming to his rescue when the Americans first captured him -- but not before U.S. medics saved his life -- and tossed him into Guantanamo Bay for war crimes.

Ah, the apple and the tree. They don't easily part.

Omar Khadr's father, a well-documented al-Qaida insurgent, was killed in 2003 during a firefight with Pakistani forces. His younger brother was shot and rendered a paraplegic in the same battle in which his father was killed. A third spent five years in jail on a U.S. extradition request before finally being released.

And yet another bragged to the press about being a proud member of an "al-Qaida family."

Let us not forget, too, that Omar Khadr pleaded guilty to Speer's murder in 2010, and was sentenced to eight more years in prison.

So this is the price we pay for bringing him "home" two years later so he could serve the rest of his sentence in Canada, and then sue us for trampling on his rights.

Ten million big ones, and a grovel.


On the same day as the terrorist Fadi al-Qumbar was being penalized by Israel, in Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government announced that convicted terrorist Omar Khadr who in October 2010 had pleaded guilty to “murder in violation of the law of war, attempted murder in violation of the law of war, spying, conspiracy and providing material support for terrorism,” was to receive a $10M ‘compensation’ for his troubles and an official apology from the Government of Canada.

Mr. Khadr, now 30, was 15 in July 2002 when he lived in an Afghan compound with a group of bomb-building Islamic jihadis planting roadside explosives. Afterwards, U.S. troops stormed the house and this is where a grenade thrown by Khadr killed Sergeant Christopher Speer, a medic who was helmetless and dressed in Afghan clothing.

It is true that at the time Omar Khadr committed his act of terror and murder, he was only 15 years old, but in the context of the war against civilization by Islamic terrorists, be they from the Taliban, ISIS, Al-Shabab or Boko Haram, the vast number of volunteers who have taken up arms and carried out war crimes are in their teens.

For bleeding-heart liberals whose guilt-ridden frame of mind cannot comprehend beyond the storybook picture of the child soldiers hired by African war lords, this may be a shock, but the ultimate hero of Muslims in the part of the world Omar Khadr was photographed making IEDs, is the 8th century 17-year old Arab invader of India called Muhammad Bin Qasim, and from Kabul to Karachi every child jihadi wishes to emulate the rape and plunder of this Arab jihadi. We are not dealing with the God’s Army in Uganda or the Liberian child soldiers of the 1990s.

The Muslim boys who go to fight jihad do so not under any pressure, but for the lure of entering Paradise and meeting the opposite gender for the first time. This may sound bizarre to the non-Muslim, but trust me, this is not fiction nor propaganda.

But there may still be some poetic justice in the end.

Tabitha Speer, the widow of Sargent Speer who, moved to finalize a default civil-suit judgment against Omar Khadr. The court granted the plaintiffs a total of US$134.1 million in damages.
It would be sweet revenge if the $10M ‘compensation’ went straight from Omar Khadr’s pockets to Sgt. Speer’s widow.



"When a Canadian soldier is injured in battle, the government provides a disability award up to a maximum of $360,000," Conservative MP Michelle Rempel said in a tweet. "Despite this, the current government is willing to provide $10 million to a convicted terrorist."

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation started an online petition aimed at Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was in Ireland, deploring the deal one source said was signed last week.

"This is offensive to many Canadians," the petition states. "Canadians should not be forced to pay millions of dollars to a killer."

Social media exploded with denunciation of the agreement, which sources said would see the government pay Khadr $10.5 million — part of which would go to his lawyers — and the justice and public safety ministers formally apologize to him.

Posters used words such as "disgraceful," some called for the Canadian citizen to be kicked out of the country, while others argued the money should go to the family of Chris Speer, the U.S. special forces soldier Khadr is alleged to have killed in 2002.

"Most Canadians' thoughts would be with Christopher Speer's widow and family, who are reliving their terrible ordeal once again because of the actions of the Canadian government this time," said Tony Clement, another Conservative MP.

Every single victim of terrorism and every single veteran (even the ones who voted Liberal) should park themselves at the nearest Liberal MPP or MP's office and remind them that Syrian migrants are not the only ones who vote.


RCMP say they have laid terror charges against a woman who was arrested last month in an alleged golf club attack at a Canadian Tire store in east Toronto.

Rehab Dughmosh, 32, was previously charged with multiple offences, including assault with a weapon and uttering death threats, in connection with the June 3 incident.

Police allege she swung the golf club at store employees and a customer and threatened them.

I'm sure Trudeau will free her and give her ten million dollars for her trouble. 


In other news ...

Rona Ambrose has finally resigned:

Former interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose is officially out of federal politics.

Ambrose formally resigned her House of Commons seat today by way of a letter to the Speaker.

Oh, how the big mouths have fallen:

NDP indigenous affairs critic Romeo Saganash apologized Tuesday for having plagiarized portions of a recent newspaper column about Canada’s 150th anniversary.

The column appeared in the Canada Day edition of the Globe and Mail under the headline, “150 years of cultural genocide: Today, like all days, is an insult.”

In a statement, Saganash said he takes complete ownership for the omission.

“In drafting my letter on my thoughts on Canada 150, a mistake was made by which ideas that were expressed by someone else were not given proper credit,” Saganash said. “I take full responsibility for this omission.”

The oversight offers an important lesson, he added.

“We should all make every effort to ensure that we give full credit for ideas,” Saganash said. “For too long, Indigenous people have been without a voice and therefore I apologize for not giving the authors the credit they are due.”

Oh, don't try to change the subject, Romeo. You lied and were caught.

Incompetence? That is one way of putting it:

OSPE past president Paul Acchione explained the culprit is “curtailment ... an industry term that means the power was not needed in Ontario, and could not be exported, so it was dumped.

“It’s when we tell our dams to let the water spill over top, our nuclear generators to release their steam, and our wind turbines not to turn, even when it’s windy,” Acchione said.

“These numbers show that Ontario’s cleanest source of power is literally going down the drain because we’re producing too much ... it’s an unnecessary waste of beautiful, clean energy, and it’s driving up the cost of electricity.”

This is distinct from the money Ontario loses when it sells electricity to Quebec and the U.S. at a loss because we have a huge energy surplus.

“Taken together,” Acchione said, “total exports represent nearly enough electricity to power every home in Ontario for an entire year.”

The situation is so bad — according to a 2015 report by Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk, Ontario pays twice the U.S. average for wind power and 3.5 times for solar power — that the basic theory of successful investing, buy low, sell high, has been turned on its head in Ontario.

China would really appreciate it if the Canadian government would ignore the forced abortions, infanticide, arrest of Falun Gong members and Christiansorgan trafficking, persecution of political dissenters, its treatment of North Korean refugees and forcing people out of their homes:

The Trudeau government should spend less time bowing down to Canadian journalists preoccupied with human rights and get on with negotiating an important free trade agreement with China, says the country’s ambassador.

(Sidebar: oh, believe you me, Trudeau will.)

Chinese ambassador Lu Shaye blamed the Canadian media for disseminating a negative portrait of his country that depicts it as an abuser of human rights and lacking democracy.

The envoy levelled the accusations during a lengthy interview at the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa with The Canadian Press.

Wow. Throw a few bribes Trudeau's way and Lu thinks that the Chinese run the place.


Russia and China on Tuesday proposed a plan for defusing tensions over North Korea, suggesting that Pyongyang declare a moratorium on nuclear and missile tests while the United States and South Korea refrain from large-scale military exercises.

Speaking of North Korea:

North Korea said on Tuesday it successfully test-launched a first intercontinental ballistic missile, (ICBM), which analysts said could put all of the U.S. state of Alaska in range for the first time.

I'll bet Moon is re-thinking his "environmental assessments" of THAAD right now.

And now, nothing says "Happy Fourth of July" like The Guess Who's "American Woman". Enjoy.

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