Monday, July 17, 2017

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So much going on ...

Smoke from fires in British Columbia has shifted east:

Health officials are warning people in Calgary and much of southern Alberta that smoke from forest fires to the west could linger in the air for several days — if not weeks.

The Air Quality Health Index for Calgary on Monday is forecast to reach seven out of 10 (high health risk) before dropping to four (moderate health risk) later in the day, and drop to three (low health risk) on Tuesday, according to Alberta Environment.

The smoke has also prompted both Alberta Health Services and Environment Canada to issue air quality advisories.

In countries where Islam is the predominant religion, churches cannot be built or, if already built, cannot be repaired.

Also, black people are referred to as "abd" the Arabic word for "slave" in Islamist communities:

(Sidebar: I hope some are paying attention to this.)

It was by the slimmest of margins that a plan to establish the Quebec City area's first Muslim-owned and run cemetery was defeated in a referendum Sunday by a vote of 19 to 16.

Voters were deciding whether or not to allow a zoning change for the proposed site in Saint-Apollinaire, 35 kilometres southwest of Quebec City.

The plan for the cemetery was developed after January's deadly mosque shooting, but the issue was sent to a referendum after enough people came forward to oppose the project.

In the end, the outcome came down to the 35 people who cast valid ballots -- a tough pill to swallow for the man who led the project.
So the pity meter is at zero right now.


An arrest warrant has been issued for an imam who made several anti-Semitic statements during a sermon at a Montreal mosque last December.

Sheikh Muhammad ibn Musa Al Nasr called Jews “the worst of mankind” and expressed his hope that Muslims would slaughter them on Judgment Day, according to a statement by B’nai Brith.

That's the sort of talk that doesn't get cemeteries established.


Almost a year after taking their case to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, a group of pro-Israel campus activists denied entry into an Ontario university’s social justice fair have received an apology from the school’s student association, and an invitation back.

On the side, as universities are supposed to be places of higher learning, these "social" groups serve only to deviate from that purpose. In this case, they entrench antisemitism.

Thanks to Islamists, Coptic Christians cannot hold any events outside of churches:

 A 24-year-old Muslim man is being questioned by Egyptian security authorities after he slashed a church doorman with a razor at the Two Saints Church in Alexandria earlier today ...

Earlier this week the Coptic Church announced that all external events, including pilgrimages, festivals, and conferences, had been canceled nationwide at the suggestion of security services.

Why is Tom Mulcair surprised that Trudeau will not recuse himself hiring a commissioner? Because this is the same douchebag who left the country while his lackeys took the heat for awarding Omar Khadr $10.5 million for murdering Christopher Speer. He had the audacity to show his ugly face in Calgary and defend that rotten decision, as well. To top it off, while former Prime Minister Stephen Harper reached out to Layne Morris, Trudeau, in his usual clueless and classless self, didn't have the good grace to speak with Tabitha Speer, Christopher Speer's widow. Trudeau is a coward, a crook and a worthless cretin. One should not be surprised that he acts as he does:

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair is calling on Justin Trudeau to recuse himself from the selection of the next lobbying commissioner because the current one is investigating two cash-for-access fundraisers organized for the prime minister by wealthy lobbyists.

“It is suspicious that Justin Trudeau won’t recuse himself from this significant decision,” said Mulcair, “especially after he has shown himself unable to separate partisan politics from these important appointments.”

Last week Postmedia reported that lobbying commissioner Karen Shepherd is still investigating an August 2015 fundraiser held for Trudeau by billionaire Barry Sherman, the chairman of pharmaceutical giant Apotex, as well as an August 2014 fundraiser held for Trudeau by Clearwater Seafoods co-founder Mickey MacDonald.

MacDonald is a powerful businessman in Atlantic Canada. At the time of the fundraiser he said, “It’s a small price to pay right now for the long-term benefits that we’ll receive.” Sherman has a net worth of $4.62 billion, according to Canadian Business magazine, making him Canada’s 14th richest person. Both Apotex and Clearwater are registered to lobby the Prime Minister’s Office.

In May Trudeau recused himself from involvement in the hiring of the next ethics commissioner, citing her ongoing investigation into his trip to the private island of the billionaire Aga Khan. The Prime Minister’s Office has said Trudeau needn’t recuse himself in the matter of the lobbying commissioner, however, because Trudeau himself is not the subject of Shepherd’s two investigations.

Trudeau has also resisted attempts to change how federal watchdogs are selected, which is another concern for Mulcair.

“This is precisely why we proposed a new process to remove partisanship. The more Trudeau is inconsistent, the more it looks like he’s playing a game. But this isn’t a game,” said Mulcair.



Although the Liberals’ shocking payout to Omar Khadr has eclipsed all other stories this month, the government’s recent passage of Bill C-6 is actually far more consequential. Unlike the Khadr settlement—which provides a generous monetary payment to a single Canadian in unique circumstances—Bill C-6 will reward any number of convicted terrorists with something invaluable: the right to retain their Canadian citizenship.

Specifically, Bill C-6 repeals parts of the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act, which was brought in under Harper’s Conservatives in 2014, and which allowed the government to revoke the citizenship of dual-national Canadians if they were convicted of acts of terrorism or treason. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had promised to repeal this legislation during the election campaign, famously asserting that “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.”

Yet, the Liberals clearly don’t stand by this statement in all circumstances. While the government can now no longer strip the citizenship of individuals who want to randomly slaughter innocent civilians (and has even retroactively restored the citizenship of the Toronto 18 ringleader), it remains empowered under the Citizenship Act to revoke the citizenship of individuals who have become citizens through fraud or misrepresentation. According to a February 2017 article in this paper, the government has moved to revoke the citizenship of an average of 17 people per month on these grounds, whereas the Harper government revoked the citizenship of a total of 65 individuals between 2007 and 2014.

Why would Trudeau care about North Korea? His favourite country, China, has it sorted:

Many Canadians would be surprised to learn we’re already involved in several respects. We still have a handful of Canadian Forces members stationed at the demilitarized zone, both to keep an eye on the situation and as a lingering holdover from our involvement in the Korean War. And just last week Canadian navy warships headed to South Korea to remind our ally we’re there for them. If things turn really sour, Canada will be involved in one way or another.

The question of what we should be doing differently is a whole other conversation. And it’s an incredibly tough one, as successive U.S. administrations know well.

Now that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has publicly stated that traditional diplomacy has failed, it’s going to get a whole lot tougher still. A first step though for Canadians is to ponder the possibilities and shake off that failure of strategic imagination.

A study suggests that drugs for ADHD turns kids into fatties:

Potent antipsychotics given to children as young as two can lead to significant weight gain, according to new Canadian research into a class of drugs that one prominent American psychiatrist says are being used as tools of “social control.”

And now, a cat dragging its bed up a flight of stairs. Just because:


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