Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mid-Week Post

It's like the caramel centre of the week.

North Korea- belligerent because it can be- fired twice at South Korea:

North Korea twice fired shells near the flashpoint Yellow Sea border with South Korea Wednesday, prompting warning shots from the South's marines in response, Seoul's military said.

The incidents fuelled already high tensions along the disputed sea border, which saw bloody naval skirmishes in recent years and a deadly shelling attack on South Korea's Yeonpyeong island last November.

(Sidebar: in legal parlance, that is referred to as "murder".)

The North denied shelling, with its state news agency saying Thursday that Seoul was "faking up" the latest incident after "normal blasting" took place as part of construction work, but linking the events with joint US-South Korean military drills set for this month.

(Sidebar: North Korea is not trying. The Soviets were awfully good at deception but these guys just suck at it.)

This isn't the first time North Korea has so threatened South Korea. It is akin to a dangerous crack addict threatening an enabling relative with a huge shard of glass. It's time for an intervention, particularly one without the Chinese.

Only vaguely related: if the restive are unhappy with Rob Ford, they can try their luck in North Korea where political descent is as tolerated as a tarantula in one's underpants.

You can thank OECTA for this:

With less than two months to go before the Ontario election, a poll released Wednesday suggests that although Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak still remains ahead in popularity, Premier Dalton McGuinty is narrowing the gap.

The Ipsos Reid poll conducted exclusively for Postmedia News, Global Television and CFRB NewsTalk1010 found 38% of respondents think Hudak would make the best premier out of all the of party leaders, compared with 33% who believe McGuinty should be re-elected for a third term. These latest numbers indicate a four-point jump for the premier, an improvement from an eight-point gap a year ago.

Hudak only gained one point....

Those surveyed also believed McGuinty only fared better than Hudak in one leadership quality: someone who has a hidden agenda.... 

Wait until teachers' unions are abolished, OECTA.

I'm sure more money is needed for this:

Two teenage girls have been charged with manslaughter in connection with the gruesome death of a woman from Sandy Bay First Nation.

RCMP said Wednesday that after Roberta Dawn McIvor, 32, fell asleep in her car in the early hours of July 30, the car was stolen. McIvor was removed from the vehicle, and fatally injured when it drove away, RCMP said.

McIvor’s dismembered body was found later that morning.

Two girls, aged 17 and 15, both from Sandy Bay First Nation, have been charged with manslaughter.

What happened to rosy, old England?

Are you kidding me?

Islamist extremists are trying to capitalize on the riots engulfing Britain, calling on their followers to help incite further violence so that a terror attack can be launched amid the chaos.

Via “jihadist” websites, the extremists say English-fluent Muslims should infiltrate social media with messages that encourage the rioters so that the police remain “preoccupied” by the disturbances, according to the Washington-based monitoring group SITE.

The extremists are characterizing the violence as “useful” for London-based terror cells, saying the rioters are young and impressionable, and can be easily manipulated if the messages appear to be the sort of things they would write.

The extremists reason that by extending the violence, the police will drop their guard against jihadist terror planning.

They never miss a beat, do they?

In the meantime, as Nanny Crown is either unable or unwilling to look after mushy pea eaters, people are forced to rely on themselves:

From shopkeepers and middle-class writers to Sikh communities and right-wing soccer “fans,” Londoners are ready to take action to protect their homes and businesses from rioting.

After four nights of violence, many are saying enough is enough and they will stop the looters themselves if the authorities cannot.

Police have warned that vigilantes are putting their own safety at risk and could make matters worse. The risks were highlighted by the death of three Muslim men run over by a car while protecting their area in the central English city of Birmingham on Tuesday.

Critics say taking the law into your own hands can be an excuse for more thuggish behaviour which could inflame racial and social tensions.

Even chefs are defending themselves and others with nothing more than pans (because, as we ll know, the pan is mightier than the sword).

I can rely on the English authorities to be useless which is why I say "get stuffed" to them. If a riot lasts for more than an hour, you've lost complete control. If you have what Melanie Philips refers to as "feral children" and "feral parents", your entire country is up the loo. Yes, families matter, my limey brethren. Well-raised kids don't trash the place. Your nanny state, which has cost billions of pounds, is a complete failure. Even the entitled feel a need to smash:

From an organic chef and an opera house steward to a university student, a surprising picture emerged on Wednesday of some of the alleged troublemakers behind Britain's worst riots for decades.

While many involved seemed to fit a picture of youngsters from broken families marginalised by society, the first court appearances of some of the more than 1,000 people arrested suggested a broader cross-section took part.

In London alone, a total of 770 people have been arrested over the violence and at least 105 have been charged. Reports said at least 40 appeared in court Tuesday as authorities seek to fast-track suspects to clear the backlog.

We wouldn't want to put all the blame on the welfare junkies, now, would we? The post-modern yobs who have an undeserved sense of entitlement can also share the blame.

You were a country that used to kill people simply because they were Irish or Indian or Saint Thomas More. Why can't you transfer that bloodlust to the people who truly deserve it?

I bet you feel bad for sending the Irish to Australia now, suckers!

Saint George didn't kick some dragon's @$$ just so you could ruin the place. Any moron who thinks smashing the windows of shop-keepers is "redistributing the wealth" or belting people in the head is "justice" doesn't deserve a response short of leaving their well-heeled fat, pasty bums in the midst of a savage crowd and let them negotiate their way out of it.

Don't feel bad for that dragon. He was a filthy heretic rioter.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Sid Vicious.

In other news, a Vietnamese math teacher is imprisoned for belonging to a pro-democracy blog:

A French-Vietnamese math professor was sentenced Wednesday to three years in a Vietnamese prison for belonging to a banned pro-democracy group and publishing an anti-Communist blog, his lawyer said.

Pham Minh Hoang, 56, was found guilty of trying to overthrow the government by posting 33 articles against the one-party Communist system, as well as of holding membership in the banned Viet Tan group and recruiting others to join it. It was the second high-profile dissident trial in just over a week.

We really don't need Vietnamese shoes.

Guess who is still getting a paycheque?

And now, some natural awesomery.


Anonymous said...

I was saying to some cohorts recently, that if all the rioters in London were Irish, this would have been over in an afternoon. They would have opened fire. The British have opened fire on people for simply *thinking* they might have weapons...

But these rioters are British.

Their inflated sense of self worth prevents them from properly dealing with their own destructive elements and, dare I said it, protecting themselves. It's better to let their capitol city burn than for even one drop of British blood be shed.

~Your Brother~

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

I think it's more accurate to say that welfarism destroyed a country. But yes- if the rioters had been Irish, different outcome.