Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A Response From Japan to South Korea


To be fair, not all of us feel that way.

Case in point:

But Kenichiro Mogi, a renowned neurologist and TV show host, recently tweeted, "It is childish to criticize a broadcaster for leaning toward the Korean Wave. Immature cultural nationalism in a global age only weakens Japan further." 

And we happen to think he's right. We can no longer afford to keep our minds as individual or collective hermit kingdoms. We must open up.

Sometimes we ask ourselves: what would Sulu do?

I wish everybody would just shut up and watch "Star Trek".

We also like your idea about Takeshi Kitano battling the sharks while engaged in deep thought.

And we did apologise but in a voice so quiet that you couldn't hear and we don't like repeating ourselves, so, sorry you missed it.

Yours' in day-time soaps,


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