Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Midnight Hour


Yesterday, the forces of Heaven and Earth colluded in the union of two massive forces of the universe and...

Well, basically, Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn were on "The Source". You can see the video here. Mr. Steyn was promoting his new book, After America , and sharing his thoughts on any number of issues ranging from free speech to the expunging of the right to free speech because of bureaucratic fascists to the potential disorder in the wake of a bankrupt America and what can be done to stave off ruin. I personally do think China will try to exert its political influence on the globe the way Great Britain and America did but its empire will be short-lived. Steyn's fear of disorder is far more frightening where any number of powers can greedily take what they want and do what they want. The values that would allow Westerners to live as they do now and would protect them from such a disordered world are not being defended as we speak, save for a few very brave people.

Charles Adler's interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali was, though brief, very illuminating. Miss Ali lives under the threat of retaliation because she eloquently and firmly stresses the failure of Islam. In this interview, she suggests that Muslim women unwilling to live a life without religion convert to Christianity. This, I believe, will be a jagged thorn in the side of the leftists who believe that not only is Christianity an impediment to Western civilisation but that there is nothing in Islam that jars with a modern liberal democracy. For her to see how Christianity is a viable alternative to Islam because of its spiritual and practical nature speaks volumes as she has seen both worlds but has seen only one work.

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And now, a Shark Week poster.

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Anonymous said...

I've always thought of conservatives as being OPTIMISTIC in the way they see things. They're also REALISTIC, however, whereas liberals have their heads in the clouds; 2nd-hand sixties marijuana smoke clouds. That no-nonsense assessment of things might account for Steyn writing about the world as it will be post-American dominance. You're right, if I had to guess, that China will attempt to become the pre-eminent power in the world, but will either fail or be short-lived in that role. Standing on mud and the backs of others makes it a little difficult to stay on a tightrope.