Friday, December 23, 2011

An Open Letter from Japan to North Korea

Dear North Korea,

After going through our fifth bottle of Piper-Heidsieck Rare....

What? Why were we drinking champagne? No reason. It's Friday. We mean- who doesn't crack open a bottle of champagne? You know....

Anyway, we came across this on the Interwebs:

North Korea has accused South Korea of an "intolerable" response to Kim Jong-Il's death, a blast that came as diplomats at the United Nations held a mass boycott of a tribute to the late leader.

Now, now. That was a bit harsh. If you try to- as your obese svelte leader once put it - turn a country into "a sea of fire", no one is going to thank you.

And then there was that little kidnapping thing a while ago.

You haven't seen Megumi Yokota, have you?

Anyway, there's been some friction and you have to be honest and admit that you've had a part in that. Airplanes and Pohang-class corvettes don't just blow up on their own.

Anyway, there's a conga line forming and we heard something about a celebratory luau with "North Korean pig" on the menu. Office rumours and such.

Have a merry Christmas.



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