Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Yet Another Post

The nerve.....

The housing crisis in Attawapiskat has now turned into a full-blown political crisis.

Attawapiskat band councillors turfed a federal appointee in charge of overseeing the troubled band's finances on Monday when he showed up in the remote Northern Ontario reserve.

But federal officials say the appointee is still in charge of the money, and will continue to control the band's financing even if he is not allowed into the community.

This lot frittered $90 million and they have the gall to force out the very government that fed their simpering @$$es! It is obvious that the band council have something to hide, that is their gross incompetence, greed and dependency. Any attempt to hide their theft of public money or appeal to the UN should be treated with the sort of contempt deserving of snivelling crooks and liars.

Sun TV's John Robson hits this out of the ballpark... because he's awesome.

Is this the "JAWS" movie that should have been?

The real Saint Nicholas.

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