Sunday, December 11, 2011

Why Things Matter

I meant to blog on this earlier but I was too busy putting up pictures of awesome Godzilla Christmas trees.

Michael Coren did what Michelle Malkin usually does and rattled off the hate mail. Watch the video. WARNING: bad language.

Offended? Good. Because it was meant to offend. I don't mean the jackanapes whose spelling and caustic language are as annoying as their inability to parse through and comprehend an issue. I think anyone with a functioning brain-stem can piece together that the comment-writers couldn't put a cogent and rational argument together if their lives depended on it. One is meant to be offended by the vitriol. We need to be. We need to see that this is why liberals/leftists can't be called progressives. We need to see that this is the ugly face of liberalism. I'm not sure how calling someone a "f---tard" disproves or validates the content of the TDSB sex education manual but whatever. Stamp your feet and poke out your tongue, liberals. It seems to be all you are good for.

(Muchas gracias)

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