Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Case For Sun News

Ezra Levant makes a better case than I could but I will try.

The CRTC grants the state-funded CBC and CTV must-have carriage on cable TV bundles so it is only fair that Sun TV News at least get a bite at the apple. It has Canadian content, a broad appeal, an international appeal and offers perspectives many find wanting in other networks. Currently, it is considered a specialty channel. The consumer has to go though the bother of ordering it if possible. One may neither watch nor support the CBC or CTV but are both still included in cable packages. CNN is also provided in most cable packages even though it is an American news source (and a biased one at that). The consumer is held captive to networks they may not watch or support. The idea that consumers have a choice is an illusory one, therefore, given what is considered mandatory to carry in cable packages. Will cable companies, in an effort to appear willing to please consumers and in fairness, pare down the mandatory channels carried in packages? Will cable providers offer a more "cafeteria" style approach in letting consumers pick the channels, as opposed to bundles, they prefer or will companies offer their programming online to those who would rather not have cable TV? Until either (or both) of those options are available, why not give Sun TV News mandatory carriage? If the CBC and CTV are followed, trusted and needed, an additional news channel will be at the worst a minor distraction. At best, it is another option for those who wish to view an array of news and commentary.

Please go here to support Sun News' petition.

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