Wednesday, January 02, 2013

"The Deal"

Guess what you own, Americans?

The House, despite Republican resistance, passed the Senate bill late Tuesday, sending the measure to Obama for his signature. 

Technically, you still went over the cliff.

Don't forget that you have 88,921,000 people out of the workforce, 46.2 million people living in poverty, $16, 320, 784, 502, 127 in debt with only $334, 750,000 in spending cuts and $1,578, 922 in tax increases and no way to pay it off in your lifetimes.

But don't worry. Even though there are serious cuts elsewhere:

Come January, be prepared for fewer air traffic controllers, FBI agents, border patrol officers and park rangers, as well as lower farm and winter heating subsidies. Less meat might get inspected. Furloughs will likely sweep across the government. Even the weather service could be affected. 

Hollywood has not lost its tax incentives nor has Congress or the vice-president lost its pay raises.

Oh, and apparently the State Department made a "grievous mistake" keeping the Benghazi embassy open.

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