Tuesday, January 29, 2013

THIS Is How It's Done

Because he's Mark Steyn:

Canadian military special forces are in Mali protecting Canada’s embassy, Postmedia News has learned . . .
It is not known how many members of the special unit are in Mali, or how long they have been there. However, it is understood that with so much instability in the country,  Canada wants to ensure its diplomats are guarded.
By contrast, when US diplomats find themselves operating in an unstable corner of North Africa, their security is outsourced to a Welsh contractor, who hires minimum-wage, unarmed Libyans, plus a few lads from the local revolutionary militia.

Ah, well. As Hillary would say, what difference does it make?

The difference is that one country is competent and the other has serial liar/Obama lackey Hillary Clinton running in 2016.


Anonymous said...

I have pretty much given up on trying to convince people, especially the Americans, that their country is swirling in the bowl, waiting for someone to yank the chain.

Instead I want their conservatives, particularly the ones who have passion and leadership abilities, to move up here.

We have a problem with liberals and we need a good balance to them.

Let the socialist idiots in the US ruin their own country, and when there is no one left to blame, we can point to them.

A time when "retreat" would be the better part of valour. Let them destroy themselves and let them own it 100%. The people are so damn stupid and brain washed that this is what it would take for them to understand "No, it is not the fault of conservatives."

~Your Brother~

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Marco Rubio for PM? Hhmmm....

The US as it stands now is a lost cause. The culture that allowed a total flunky like Obama in TWICE is dominant. I don't expect Americans to get smarter or more organised by 2016.

Canada has been worse than the US (re: Trudeau the Nazi supporter) but is veering toward the correct path now. A nudge or two from down south couldn't hurt.