Tuesday, January 15, 2013

And the Rest of It

Lots going on…

The circus continues:

Sylvia McAdam, one of the movement’s four originators, stressed in an interview with the National Post that chiefs — not Idle No More co-founders — are behind Wednesday’s planned blockades along a key southern Ontario highway and a busy bridge to Michigan.

(Sidebar: Rubbish. This is a shakedown on a national scale and Chief Double Dipping Double Chin has inadvertently highlighted the ongoing corruption of some chiefs who willingly screw over their own people and then cry "racism" whenever someone points that out. THAT is why people are allegedly distancing themselves from Spense. Furthermore, the Indian Act- the racialist and racist act that divides citizens- and various other treaties give band chiefs incredible powers and privileges.)

“First Nations have the ability to paralyze this country by shutting down travel and trade routes,” Ontario Provincial Police commissioner Chris Lewis said Tuesday.

(Sidebar: No, there is nothing difficult about it. You arrest them or live to see a privatised police force of which you are not a member.)

Just to be clear: an executive order is issued by the president, has the full force of the law and has no explicit constitutional basis; an assault rifle is one that is capable of selective fire and has a detachable magazine; in both the Aurora theatre and Sandy Hook elementary school shootings, a variant of the hotly contested AR-15 assault rifle was used but was discarded because of either failure or some other reason; both gunmen are believed to be mentally ill and lived in states with strict gun laws; mass shootings, though tragic, are not on the rise in the US; though the US does have a high rate of gun violence, countries like Canada and the United Kingdom have seen gun violence soar despite strict gun laws (if one chooses to believe that only guns can be used in the commission of a crime). Obama’s decision to sign nineteen executive orders concerning assault weapons bans and background checks will achieve what precisely? Consider “Fast and Furious” and Benghazi who presided over them. This is window-dressing of a more insidious kind.

In September, Judith Adler gave students in her Sociology 2270 class a pop quiz – something she now requires her students to pass in order to pass her course.

The course studies sociology of the family, and Adler teaches the material from a cross-cultural perspective.

"I've assigned work on families in Africa, families in Asia, families in South America. And for many years, I just took for granted that if I talked about families in Africa, that my students had a visual image of where Africa was," she said.

Adler decided she had to make sure her students knew the locations she was talking about. She handed out a blank map, and gave her students simple instructions: Identify Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.

"The results were really mind-opening to me," she said.

"They should not be confusing Antarctica and the Arctic, and they should know that they live on the Atlantic Ocean ... and they should be able to know where North America is."

Adler described the test as extremely elementary, adding she's had to make it even simpler over the years. This year's results were no less shocking.

"The Atlantic Ocean is labelled as the Mediterranean Sea; Africa is circled and labelled as Europe, with Spain and Italy being put in the middle of Africa," she said.

Adler said she can't believe her students' lack of knowledge when it comes to geography.

"The revelation of how the school system here has completely dropped geography from young people's education has been very striking to me," she said.

Adler is calling on the university to be more proactive.

"I think that the entering students should be tested on elementary knowledge, and they should take a remedial course if they don't have it because the rest of their education depends on it."

It took a sociology professor to point this out. When you lower the academic bar and parents beam proudly at the latest i-POD they bought for their little snowflake instead of getting them to read a real book, don't be surprised at the results.

Also in need of a refresher course, Americans:

Health insurance companies across the country are seeking and winning double-digit increases in premiums for some customers, even though one of the biggest objectives of the Obama administration’s health care law was to stem the rapid rise in insurance costs for consumers. 

Particularly vulnerable to the high rates are small businesses and people who do not have employer-provided insurance and must buy it on their own. 

An online petition asking the White House to designate the Catholic Church as a “hate group” for its views on marriage is drawing criticism for generating unjust animosity.
The petition reveals an “underlying agenda,” which is not simply to prevent violent crimes, but to “stigmatize any disapproval of homosexuality at all and essentially to silence us,” said Peter Sprigg, senior fellow for policy studies at the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C.

I don't think Obama is too busy not to give this his undivided attention. Bank on it.

President Obama will start his second term by once again attempting to reset relations with Russia, reports the Russian newspaper Kommersant.

National Security Adviser Tom Donilon is scheduled to travel to Moscow to meet with President Vladimir Putin within days of Obama's Jan. 20 inauguration, the newspaper reported. The U.S. ambassador to Moscow, Michael McFaul, is also expected to attend, as is Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev.

The criminal court of Beni Suef (115 km south of Cairo) has sentenced an entire family to prison for converting to Christianity. Nadia Mohamed Ali and her children Mohab, Maged, Sherif, Amira, Amir, and Nancy Ahmed Mohamed abdel-Wahab will spend 15 years in prison. Seven other people involved in the case were sentenced to five years in prison.

The case of the family of Nadia Ali Mohamed began in 2004 when, after the conversion, she and her children decided to replace their Muslim names on their identity cards with their Christian names and city of residence change. To do this she was aided by seven Registry office employees e. Born Christian, she had changed her religion to marry her husband Mustafa Mohamed Abdel-Wahab. After the man's death in 1991, Nadia decided to return to her religion of origins and to push her seven children to convert. In 2006, one of the boys was arrested by police in an information center in the city of Beni Suef. Suspicious of the young man from the documents he as carrying, where he had changed its name to Bishoy Malak Abdel-Massih, police agents interrogated him for hours until he confessed his conversion to Christianity as desired by the mother. The judges then decide to stop not only the woman, but all of her children and seven clerks from the registration office, responsible for changing the documents.

An individuals religious faith is listed in Egyptian identity cards. Christians, converted to Islam for various reasons that attempt to return to the religion to which they belong have enormous difficulty in correcting their names on the documents. This leads many people to forge them, risking prison. The reverse process, ie the transition from Christianity to Islam is not hindered, and in many cases is favored by the very Registry officials.

I think only these guys would really be offended.

Vaal is not appeased by mascots.

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